Why should you have a demat account?

A demat account is simply like your savings account with a specific bank.  Though your savings accounts make the accessibility to your funds easy from mismanagement and robbery, a demat type of account simply does exactly the same for the investors.

In case you are into investing  or keen to get into the same, and specially in stocks then a demat type of account is a must.  This account promise you the facility of holding financial securities as well as shares in an electronic arrangement. Each and every single stockbroker owns demat type of account charges that differ on the grounds of their type of subscription, terms & conditions, and more.

In simplest words, in case you look forward to invest in stocks, it is essential for you to get a demat type of account. It gets opened with depository participants (dp). Depository participants are the ones organizations that allow contact between investors as well as depositories.  For your information, there remains two depositories registered with Sebi namely nsdl (national securities depository limited) as well as cdsl (central depository services limited). This account is the account that you have with a depository participant. And if you are not sure about who is a depository participant then remember he is a broker who tells about the requirements, terms, charges and more to upkeep a demat type of account with them. Being an investor, you would have to comply with all sorts of the requirements and open your account with the dp.

Importance of having this account

A demat type of account is absolutely a handy and technologically safe way to keep shares as well as your assets. It castoffs harm to physical certificates, counterfeit, loss, and theft. Your demat type of account is going to aid you in transferring securities instantly. Your purchased orders can directly get transferred to an investor’s account when they get approved.

Once you have this account the shares are going to automatically credited to your account. You can easily and effortlessly access your account data by simply logging into the website of the service provider. These accounts make your overall trading experience an effective, easy, and organized experience. It enables you to get all the needed information via your mobile phone. This simply denotes  that being an investor, you are now in a position to participate in the stock markets without even visiting the stock exchange market. Of course, you don’t have to travel or go to the place to make the investment when you can do it all right from your account with the use of your mobile phone.


To sum up , you can even open demat account online and get started. Once you have this account running, you can manage your stocks easily and be sure that everything is organized properly. And for any assistance, you can always speak with your depository participant and get a better idea about your account. All in all, having such an account is a must in this present day investing world.

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