An intercom is not a luxury device anymore, but a necessity for ensuring security in a private house. Voice communication with guests is far from the only function that this device can guarantee. Many modern intercoms can become a full-fledged part of the “smart home” system and security system, controlling the operation of climate control equipment, lighting, and can also notify the owner of the apartment about incidents and visitors with short messages on the smartphone.

IP intercoms are the most modern models that are connected to the call panel via a LAN connection. This will provide an excellent implementation of additional features, for example, the ability to work with other devices. Often used in conjunction with the “smart home” system.

It is IP intercoms that provide maximum convenience and offer a whole range of functions aimed at ensuring your safety.

Additional characteristics of intercoms

  • Possibility to connect several outdoor calling panels. If you choose a device according to this parameter, then you need to take into account the number of doors with which you plan to use it. Keep in mind that models with multiple panels are more expensive. Similarly, video intercoms of this type can work with several cameras.
  • The presence of a Wi-Fi module. This is an important element of the intercom, which is usually equipped with an IP intercom. Although it increases the cost of the device, it can overlap the convenience in terms of connection – you do not need to connect wires to a router or other control device. Using this technology, you can directly connect to a tablet, smartphone or other gadgets.
  • SIP. The session establishment protocol allows call forwarding from intercoms to other devices. The implementation of such functions may differ depending on the models, because. they can work with PBXs and dedicated telephones, while others even work with mobile phones.
  • DVR. The presence of such technologies allows the use of intercoms to record video from a surveillance camera. A certain set in different models is different – this point needs to be clarified at the time of purchase. Such devices create a visitor log. This will allow the user to find out who visited him when he was not at home.
  • The presence of a speakerphone. This feature allows you to communicate with visitors without having to pick up the intercom handset. This allows you to hear the guest and talk to several people at once.
  • Card reader. This is a Flash memory slot that allows you to use a removable card for data storage. Usually you need to record information that is aimed at the functionality of the device: call recording, visit log, and others. Memory cards will be much cheaper than a built-in drive of the same size. What kind of intercom to choose for a private house?

Naturally, the ideal intercom is the one that has as many of the listed functions as possible. Each of them is designed to provide you with maximum security. It is these intercoms that are offered by the British company BAS-IP, which has provided users with its own line of IP intercoms. All their solutions are optimal, you can choose any set from all available outdoor panels and indoor video intercoms.

BAS-IP also gives you a number of unique features:

  • connect alarm sensors;
  • send notifications to mobile devices;
  • answer calls via the Internet from any device with Internet access;
  • additionally connect IP cameras;
  • combine IP intercoms with video surveillance cameras (CCTV);
  • communicate with monitors (intercom);
  • provide access to facilities with plastic cards.

Each BAS-IP intercom model is designed to provide the user with maximum security and comfort. They incorporate exclusively innovative technologies that you will definitely appreciate during operation. If you have any difficulties during the selection or any questions, you can count on their qualified support.

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