What You Need to Know About the Juice Dispenser

Many may have little knowledge of a juice dispenser’s relevance and working concept. This article aims to solve this problem by touching on some things we find necessary for people to be aware of when it comes to juice dispensers. The article touches on its components, how it is supposed to be used, how it is supposed to be cleaned, and its pricing in the current market.

A juice dispenser is widely used in restaurants, bars, canteens, and hotels. It is purposed to dispense liquids, in our case, beverages. Because it is widely applicable in buffets, it is often classified as buffet ware. The two major types are the non-electric and the electric ones. Its most common primary material is stainless steel and a container body made from polycarbonate.

The Primary Components

Lid- The lid eases refilling by having to remove it.

Ice pole: This holds the ice tasked to keep the beverage cold. It is done without the beverage getting diluted. Dry ice can be used in such a case.

Clear container: This works to hold the beverage. Its clarity is meant to give a visual appeal to the beverage it is holding and, in some cases, for safety purposes, as it is easier to know if there is a foreign object in the beverage when the container can be seen through. Since it is vulnerable to damage, it should be handled properly.

Steel frame: This particular steel making the frame is stainless. It offers an advantage of durability, aesthetic value, and safety since possible rust contamination is reduced. Individuals will be less convinced to drink from a juice dispenser whose component is rusty.

A removable drip tray: The idea of being removable makes a good presentation to the consumers of the reliability in terms of the cleanliness of the juice dispenser. The ability of it to be removable also means quick cleanup is encouraged.

How a Juice Dispenser is to be Used

  1. The lid is lifted to open the top part of the container.
  2. You can pour a beverage into the recommended level to avoid possible spillages.
  3. If there is an ice pole, carefully fill it with ice to the recommended level.
  4. You can then have the lid put back so that there can be no contaminants entering the container.

How a Juice Dispenser is Cleaned

  1. Make sure you fill the container to the brim with water.
  2. Add vinegar to the water, preferably two tablespoons.
  3. Open the tap, allowing the mixture containing debris and citrus pulp to be dispensed out.
  4. If necessary, repeat the above steps till you are satisfied with the state of the container.
  5. Take warm water and use it to rinse the drip tray, lid, and container, both the outside and inside.
  6. If you find it necessary, you can apply detergent.
  7. In such a case, make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Pricing of a Juice Dispenser

The commercial juice dispenser price in Kenya vary according to the brand and the quality. Popular brands will likely sell theirs for a higher price than the upcoming brands. Quality issues such as durability also determine the price tag set on a juice dispenser. In most cases, you will find the ones of higher quality are of higher price because of the relatively higher price of raw material.


We have tried to touch on the important aspects of a juice dispenser to bring you up to speed on what it entails. We hope the article has been helpful and you are not equipped with enough knowledge to consider owning a juice dispenser, especially for commercial purposes.

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