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Top 4 Tech trends that will dominate in future

1. Video Content

Every aspect of human life is getting more and more easier by the time. Now people tend to get information as easily as possible, that is why the majority of them prefer video content. Surveys show that 74% of internet users prefer learning from video lessons rather than reading books or PDFs. YouTube still dominates video platforms in recent years. Influencers earn a colossal amount of money by finding sponsors and creating viral content. If you want to create a YouTube channel, don’t forget to purchase right now 100 youtube subscribers for the best price.

2.Predict the Future or Create It

We can predict the future or simply create it. Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments and the necessary skills in any work activity, regardless of the sector, is essential for all those who want to be a leader and stand out in their field of action.

3. Dating with IoT and 5G

5G will bring us a hyper-connected world and therefore Big Data will become Super Big Data. The data that we are going to manage will be enormous and will allow us to improve our lives and management to a level never dreamed of.

Of course within the business trends we must include marketing , key in any company or digital business. Whatsapp marketing , snack videos or AI as a fundamental part of Inbound marketing are just some of the forecasts and levers for growth in the next decade.

As you have seen, this has been a brief summary of the webinar, of course, you have in full in the video technological trends as important as 5g.

4. Hyper Automation 

Earlier we talked about automation as a key trend. Gartner speaks directly of hyper automation, referring not only to the use of tools but to the entire process that this use entails, such as analysis, design, measurement, monitoring and evaluation of results.

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