Necessary Devices to Build an Electric Bike

If you have a quest for more power built this ridiculous HOVSCO ebike setup. Take two motors attached to a bag rack above the rear wheel. Link these two motors via a single belt to drive the rear wheel but it’ll never experience more than one hundred meters because of unexpected issues. As this motor is applied to the belt it will increase tension on the primary pulley however decreased tension on the second one pulley triggered the belt to pass rendering the second one motor useless. Made this mount wherein there’s only one output pulley riding the primary belt and a secondary small connecting the two motors. This setup works notably well and has lots of power.

Required Apparatus to Make an Ebike

Gear Motor

The gear motor with 24V, 36V and 48V rated voltages. A high Rated power from 200 to 500 watts. The wheel size should be 16”-18”. Gear motor’s rated speed must have 25km/h. The actual weight should fall under 2.8kg. The open size of the gear motor at least be 135mm. The cable connection is placed on the right of the shaft centre. Gear motor has any colour but the silver colour is very popular. The brake should be v type brake or a hydraulic brake. The motor has a group of single wires rather than a distinct wire for each function.


For complete accuracy and for all riding experiences on all surfaces, the controller should be250 volts and 250 volts. The controller consists of many wires for different devices. First, it has a phase and sensor wire for the gear motor. Three wires for throttles one of them for the right lever and the second for the left lever. A single wire will attach to the display for battery level indicator for off and on. The last one is the wire for pedal assist. The other two wires for battery connection to check the battery charging and discharging.

The LED display

The LED screen will alert the rider about different statistics.  It has an on-off button, mode change button, and pedal-assist, fully electric or fully pedal. A battery level indicator.

Brake Levers

Two brake levers for the left and right sides. These levers operate the braking mechanism by pulling the attached cable or compressing hydraulic fluid.


If you are looking for a dedicated high-speed electric bike, you definitely need a throttle system for your HOVSCO electric bikes to go around the city.


A Lithium-ion chargeable battery with 500 watts for general and hill riding. It gives good pedal assist while commuting.


Adjust the hub motor in the rear wheel. Connect the controller to the motor. Connect the controller wire with the electric brake lever. Connect the LED display with the controller. Connect the throttles to the controller. Let connect the lithium-ion battery to the controller for electric power. Actually, the motor takes electric power from the battery and translates it into mechanical power. The remaining two cables connect to the pedal assist.

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