Importance of Radon’s Testing- How to Stay Safe at Home

Radon gas cannot be smelt, tasted, or felt. Therefore, if you have it in your home or its surroundings, you will not be able to figure it out. Many people live in such houses for a long time and don’t care about getting it tested. Over a period of time, when they encountered health problems, they try to find out what has caused them a medical condition. Radon gas can cause lung cancer even if a person does not smoke. That’s why it is strongly recommended to get radon testing in New Jersey done.

Radon testing in your home

As per the reports, radon is the second-highest cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon testing is the only way to know whether this harmful gas is present in your home or not. The floor, where your house is located, also makes a great difference. The experts suggest that all houses that are located below the third floor should get tested for the presence of radon gas.

The good news is you can reduce the levels of radon gas with the help of a radon mitigation system. The levels should be below the acceptable levels of this gas.

Instructions for homeowners

If you are a homeowner and planning to sell your home, the EPA department recommends getting your house tested for radon levels beforehand. If it is found to be having higher levels of radon gas, you must lower it before putting it on sale. Additionally, you should save the reports of radon levels so that you can show them to the buyer. By telling this information to him, you are likely to increase the value of your house and your chances to sell your house quickly.

If you are planning to buy a new house, you must check the indoor levels of radon gas. Air quality is important when it comes to buying a new house where you will live with your family members. You may not have the right of getting the test done. However, you should ask for test results showing the radon levels in the house. If you have bought a new house, you should get it tested by a licensed company. They can also suggest preventive measures as well as ways to reduce them. 

In the United States, all areas have this gas and the houses should be tested on a regular basis. This is the only way, you can reduce the health risks. 

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