Factors to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer in Kenya

This pressure washer is a machine powered by a gas engine or an electric motor. When using a small or concentrating nozzle, this motor forces water out at high pressure. The result is a blast that cleans surfaces of any dirt that has accumulated.

Its impression is made in gallons or litres per minute. It is primarily intended for use with pumps.

In order for it to work properly, you must ensure that you have a plentiful supply of water. Also, depending on the application, different nozzle types are required.

1. Energy Effectiveness

It is taken into account how much electricity it consumes. It is critical to consider the rate at which the appliance consumes energy.

When it comes to paying your electric bills, look for one that is not too expensive. The primary goal of any business is to generate profit. Similarly, before investing in any appliance, consider the most reasonable pressure washer price in Kenya.

A typical appliance for this uses around 1500 watts per hour. It is to show that using a powerful machine will cost more, whereas using a smaller, lighter one will save money.

It is highly recommended that you check the pressure ratings as you are on your way to purchasing one for your activities.

2. Water Usage

The majority of standard washers can provide 2-4GPM. In other words, it represents a total of 120 – 240 gallons per hour.

If you want to avoid resource waste, choose the one that provides a consistent consumption.

3. Noise Level

Working in a noisy environment becomes extremely boring. Our ears are vulnerable, and we must pay attention to them.

I believe it is highly recommended to choose one that has a noise reduction device.

An electric one is only turned on when the trigger is pulled, and it turns off when it is not. So you can hear the noise when spraying that.

4. Warranty

Most warranties claim to cover washers for the longest period of time. The most important thing to check is what the warranty covers. Does it include both the engine and the pump? This is the most important aspect of a warranty. If it doesn’t, look for another manufacturer who will cover these two aspects.

5. Adaptability

When purchasing a washer, portability is an important factor to consider. How simple will it be to store and move it when cleaning? It will be very frustrating to arrive home and discover that you can’t use the washer or that you need assistance folding the horse pipe. While in the store, make sure to test out your options before making a purchase.

6. Electric vs. gas

We have two kinds of pressure washers, primarily gas and electric pressure washers. They are quite different, and it is always important to know which one you want to buy. The gas-powered one must be run through, as opposed to the electric one, which works only when the trigger is pulled.


A pressure washer is an unquestionably useful addition to your cleaning arsenal. They provide simple and effective cleaning solutions. Pressure washers differ depending on your specific requirements. Before making a purchase, it is always a good idea to do some research on the best washers.

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