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7 Tips to Make Using Your Dab Rigs Even More Amazing

If you are a THC fan, you probably heard of the word “dabbing”. However, you might not have tried it before.

Utilizing flowers is much more straightforward compared to using any type of concentrates. In addition to that, using dabbing for the first time might appear like it is a bit overwhelming.

Using dab rigs is the more modern way to enjoy herbs. If you’re simply starting to embrace this new process, here are several tips to make your experience even more amazing.

Start Slow

If you want to try dabbing for the first time, you need to start slow. Always take time to understand and learn your device and concentrate.

You can easily waste concentrates. If you’re worried about the cost of the wax, you’ll want to avoid wasting it as much as possible.

When you’re still trying to determine the size of the dab you need, start small. You can always go bigger later. It’s always ideal to take another hit compared to wasting a huge dab of wax that you can’t handle.

You can learn new things by learning from friends, watching videos, or reading blogs. However, a couple of lessons only come with time.

You will become more at ease with the process as you continue to dab. You should begin practicing today and you’ll see your improvement in a week.

Not All Dab Rigs and Dab Nails Are the Same

A dab rig has a function and looks almost the same as a water bong. Though a water bong utilizes a bong bowl, this tool operates using a dab nail.

While the function is similar, dab nails can differ from one to the others. From the very materials used to make it to the structure, dab nails can come in a huge range of options.

Only a couple of materials can be utilized to create dab nails. The reason for this is that it’s always in contact with extreme temperatures.

The four ideal material choices include titanium alloy, quartz, glass, or ceramic. The material of your dab nail will also influence several factors in your experience.

Be Wary of Everything

A dab user needs to be careful with every single thing when utilizing a dab rig, whether you’re partaking in a dab, putting the rig together, or handling your concentrates.

Whether you’re dabbing or not, every time you’re handling an open flame, you have to take precautions.

For instance, you always ensure to have something to protect yourself from any hot parts. Keep in mind that heat can be extremely dangerous.

Aside from thinking about the open flame, the dab nail and other parts can reach extreme temperatures that can lead to severe burns if you’re not careful.

Clean Your Rig

It does not matter what type of dabbing or smoking instrument you utilize. It’s crucial to keep it clean. There are a lot of reasons why you should keep your dab rigs clean.

It isn’t just about appearance and good hygiene. A clean rig will also provide you with hits of a higher quality. Flavorful and robust smoke is what you will get from a clean rig.

In addition to that, you’ll have an easy time cleaning your rig if you clean it regularly. The longer you wait between cleaning, the harder and more tedious the process will be.

Utilize a Carb Cap

For those who don’t know, a carb cap is a carburetor for your rig.

Because of this, it enables you to gather the last of your dab to punctuate your hit.

If you cap your nail, the controlled airflow places your rig under lower pressure. If this happens, the boiling temperature is decreased. This results in a luscious and thick hit of flavorful smoke.

Lower the Heat

If you are a member of a smoke or dab community, you’ve likely heard a couple of horror stories about dabbing errors while using dab rigs.

To make things simple, the more people experiment, the more their experiments will go wrong. If it is your first time, you will probably make occasional mistakes.

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories of chest pain while dabbing or unpleasant flavor. For those who don’t know, this usually happens if a person uses high heat when dabbing.

This is what causes discomfort and foul taste.

Also, extremely high heat can destroy the parts that create the flavor and aroma that make dabbing good. Of course, you don’t want this to happen.

To make your life easier, always allow your banger or nail to cool after heating it. This is especially true if you want to avoid these problems.

In addition to that, keeping the temperature low is an excellent dabbing habit.

Always Use Gloves

Keep in mind that dab packs are sticky and slimy. Your fingers will become sticky and slimy as well if you handle the wax using your bare hands.

There’s also a huge chance that you can contaminate the dab if you handle the wax with your bare hands.

Bacteria from your hands can move from your skin into the oil if you aren’t wearing gloves. This will lead to contamination or dilution.

If you want to use dab rigs and make your experience better, make sure you wear gloves.


Dabbing might have a couple of moving components that you aren’t familiar with. However, there is no reason you should let them intimidate you.

If you want a healthier, better tasting, and stronger smoking experience, you should consider using a dab rig. Simply make sure you’re careful the first several times, especially with the concentrate amounts.

As you figure out what you can handle, you can always adjust your dab.

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