Why is it Hard to Find Healthy Food?

According to a new survey, 98 percent of Americans want the best foods, but only 28 percent of those surveyed said it is easy to find them. This gap between the willingness and the ability to find healthy food is discouraging for consumers. Cheryl Anderson, an associate professor of preventive medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and chair of the Nutrition Committee for the American Heart Association, cites this gap as one of the biggest obstacles to finding healthy food.

The media is filled with fad diets and misleading labels. Consumers often turn to different food labels to decide if something is healthy or not. While this may be helpful, it is not always possible to read labels for every single food. In addition, people don’t know what to look for on food labels, which can be overwhelming. However, you can get tips on how to identify healthier foods and avoid making a poor decision because it’s not that hard.

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