Why Every Farmer and Contractor Requires a Water Pump

A water pump is a simple machine, but it works wonders. From farmers who need to move tonnes of water to even constructors who are wondering how to deal with pools of water around their sites, all the piece of information you need to know is here. This article discusses everything you should know about a water pump and why you should have one.

Most people, if not everyone, knows what a water pump is. It is a machine used to move water from one place to another. Most people know they are used when transferring large amounts, especially where gravity cannot be applied. But for a fact, not everyone knows how this incredible machine works and its intense applications.

Let’s get to know more about this water pump.

How does this pump work?

Water pumps work upon two principles, positive displacement and kinetic energy principles. These two principles work together to move the water over a vast distance. For it to work, this machine requires a source of energy to power it up. Traditional water pumps use diesel or petrol to power the engine, while modern water pumps use electric motors.

When the pump is powered, the turbine rotates, producing kinetic energy, pulling water from a low area and pushing it to a higher place.

Application area for a water pump

  1. Water pumps are used in irrigation. Farmers from dry regions use a water pump to move water into their farms to water their crops.
  2. They are used in boreholes and wells. Water pumps are installed in boreholes to pump water from the ground to the surface for it to be used.
  3. They are used in pools and fishing ponds. To keep a pool clean, you need to keep emptying it, thus the need for a water pump which one will use to pump the water in and out. They are also used in ponds to help with water circulations.
  4. Water pumps are installed in fire brigades. These pumps pump water out of fire brigades to give the water much pressure, which is essential for firefighting.
  5. Used on the construction site. Pumps are used for dewatering construction sites to facilitate working.

Factors to consider when purchasing a water pump

Depending on the application area for the pump, different considerations must be observed to purchase the right pump.

  1. Power output. You should purchase a water generator pump that will be able to accomplish the task you intended. The horsepower, as well as the rate of flow of the pump, should tell you how much work the pump can do.
  2. Material used. The pump should be made of weather-resistant material to prevent damage and keep it long.
  3. Type of energy to be used. If you are purchasing a traditional pump, you should buy one with access to its fuel. Buying an electric pump needs availability of power.
  4. Warranty. Anytime you purchase a pump, you should be very keen on its warranty. It is essential in case of spoilage.

Price of the water pump

Water pumps are affordable and cost-effective compared to the amount of work they can do. Considering the amount of money it can save you, it deserves a purchase.


We have covered the important aspects of a water pump which you need to know if you need to buy one. There is no doubt that you will get your work done effectively.

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