Who Suffers The Most In A Divorce?

Divorce can hurt every family member, even when divorce is the healthiest option. Knowing that an individual’s gender plays a crucial role irrespective of how an individual may process the divorce is necessary. Some people believe in myths, and rumors like women suffer the most in a divorce. However, men tend to suffer significantly after the divorce. 

There is no definite answer to the question of who suffers the most in a divorce. Divorce can affect women and men differently. Many factors, like an individual’s personality, socioeconomic status, physical health, etc., can increase or decrease the suffering in both men and women. 

Besides, a spouse should contact a Wisconsin divorce attorney for legal actions if they experience physical abuse or violence in the marriage. 

How does a woman process divorce? 

It is necessary to know how both genders process the divorce before deciding who suffers the most in a divorce. During a divorce, women are most likely to suffer more on the financial front, as most marriages portray the husband as the financial caretaker. Some people also think women get a significant portion of their former husbands’ money and estate. 

Even with alimony, women can tend to suffer more in the financial aspect after a divorce. Several reasons can clarify why women suffer more regarding finances. 

  • Women generally earn less compared to men. While several women may make more or equally like men, it is common for women to earn less for various reasons. 
  • Women are never at fault for earning less than men. The reason behind the low income of women is that they dedicate more time to raising their children. Mothers are generally the primary caretakers of children. 
  • Women may need to spend more of their income on children and their upbringing. Child support may prove to be helpful in such cases. However, child support might not be enough in filing all the financial gaps created by the divorce. 

As a result, women will be more likely to suffer than men regarding financial aspects. Women can contact a divorce attorney in Wisconsin if they face issues in seeking alimony from their ex-husband. 

How do men process divorce? 

While women may face a significant financial hit after the divorce, men are now likely to have a tough time dealing with the divorce psychologically and emotionally. Men have been victims of depression in many divorce cases compared to women. Sadly, many men turn to drugs and alcohol when facing depression after the divorce. 

Suicide risks among men can significantly rise when they face a divorce. Women are now likely to socialize, make new friends, vent out, etc., while men generally socialize to keep their emotions to themselves and not open up about them with anyone. 

In a nutshell, both genders face several difficulties in dealing with divorce. Women might tend to suffer more on the financial front, while men may find it challenging to socialize and cope with their emotional struggles. 

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