What to consider when selecting a perfect vacuum machine

A vacuum machine is used to clean cars and stairs as well as remove dirt and dust from floors. This article is about vacuum cleaner machines. It is an electrically powered apparatus that removes and cleans surfaces by sucking and removing dust and small particles.

This article is essential, especially if you need to buy one.

Some important technical and functional features that affect the appliance’s efficiency and productivity must be put into consideration when purchasing this equipment.

The following are some features to consider when purchasing one;

Vacuum Power Performance

Water lift and airflow are two leading indicators of vacuum power performance. The suction force of the water lift should be strong enough to vacuum liquids and heavy materials. The suction of fine dust and light materials should be efficient with the airflow.

The suction intensity is used to calculate the pressure difference between standard air pressure and the within pressure of a vacuum. This implies that you can simply make a minor concession

Motor Power

The measurement of motor power is in Watts, kW, or HP. It is determined by the type and number of vacuum motors installed. The power of the vacuum must be proportional to the application and the amount of material vacuumed.

Noise Level

Noise has no bearing on efficiency, but it does have an impact on comfort, particularly when used in noise-sensitive areas.


All vacuum cleaners have high-efficiency filters that keep dirt from being released into the environment.

Supplied Accessories

It is usually outfitted with various accessories to perform various types of suction. When making a choice, consider the number and type of supplied accessories, as well as the recommended optional features. The majority of extra accessories include a suction hose, wand, and tubes.


A lengthy warranty period demonstrates that the company believes in its product. As a result, it does add up to shop for models that have an extended warranty period. When purchasing an upright model, anything more than three years old should be considered above average.

Price of Vacuum Cleaner

One should reckon about purchasing one based on their budget. Regardless of the other factors, the vacuum cleaner price Kenya is a critical deciding factor.

Capacity of the bin

The need for a much larger dust tank is determined by the size of your home and thus the type of dust your vacuum can consume. If you have pets that shed hair, purchasing a cleaner with a larger tank size is usually justified.

Vacuuming; Wet or Dry

Dry vacuum cleaners are intended for dry dirt, whereas wet cleaners are intended for moist and wet dirt, as well as small water spills. Most households prefer dry vacuum units because they work well. When using the cleaners, always consult the manual and be mindful of the safety precautions.

Reach for cleaning

The length of the power cord attached to the cleaning hose varies between vacuum cleaners. Some are short and thus cannot reach distant areas, whereas longer ones are convenient to use because they reach the farthest places and cover a larger radius.

There are also cordless vacuums that use built-in batteries and do not require main power from a socket; all you have to do is make sure it’s fully charged, and it’ll run for up to half an hour to an hour. However, cordless vacuums are not cheap.


This article defines various factors to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner and can thus be very useful for reference.

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