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What is Mobile Sic Bo Betting?

In today’s world, mobile phones are just another necessity that everyone can’t live without. No matter what you do, you have to go through a mobile phone, such as a mobile dice formula, today we will introduce what it is. Sic Bo Betting mobile phone is different from playing Sic Bo or not. As we all know, today’s technology has come a long way. especially playing various games on mobile phones that can be used with various gambling, whether casino games Or gambling in Thailand that our people know each other well.

Whether it’s playing rules, various tips, Sic Bo is one of those games that people use as a gamble. So it’s a game that depends on fate and it’s risky, right? And if we’re alone, will we rely on luck alone to survive? We’re not lucky every day, is it true? So today We will come to get to know Sic Bo Betting mobile phones better, how to play, what kind of mobile phone Hi-Lo formula?

mobile dice formula How do you play?

Above all, before playing Sic Bo or known as Sic Bo, including the educational mobile dice formula We need to get to know each other first, what is the game of playing sic bo, how to play it, because we will be able to understand the dice better. Must have as much information as possible before investing. By the dice game that comes from the word Sic Bo Betting that means high – low enough to guess, it’s not difficult, right? It is a game that requires luck and experience. At random or guessing, dice is used for random numbers, with points from 1 to 6, usually using a total of 3 dice.

Then the memorabilia is shaken by the dealer. The method is to place the dice in a flat container, often using a plate. After using the cover, it may be a circular woven basket that may be familiar to each other. Then shake and predict the points in the dice for the bettor or the player to guess the number of numbers in the dice. It’s a guess from the sound. Shaking weight using the experience of the players to observe And then the last step is to wait and see if the number that comes out will match the player’s guess or not.

with the counting of points or numbers in the game as follows

– 1 number betting is to predict a single number to win at least 1 number of players bet from 3 balls or to issue a number that is guessed from 1 dice, depending on the rules of each source.

– 2 numbers betting This method is usually played with 3 dice, guessing 2 numbers correctly from 3 dice.

– High-Low point is that this method is to guess the total number of all 3 dice whether the total point will come out as high or low. with high-low measurements As follows, points from 3-10 points from a total of three balls, regardless of how they are drawn, but if they are between 3-10 points, they are considered low points. The same is true for a high score, counting the sum of the 3 dice, if the score is 12-18, it is considered a high score. If the player guesses correctly, the bet wins.

– Point 11 Sic Bo is to predict and win the total points of all 3 dice to get 11 points, called 11 Sic Bo.

And this is all of the rules and points counting of playing Sic Bo games.

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