What is a Synonym For the Word Sun in Hindi?

The answer to the question: What is a synonym for the word sun? can be found in a number of sources, including dictionaries, online encyclopedias, and audio pronunciations. A good starting point is the Official Languages of India Dictionary, which offers a more accurate translation than Google does. This reference work also offers multiple meanings for the word sun, as well as a list of synonyms and antonyms.

The Greek and Latin names for the sun include Ellen and Helia. In Hindi, the word is known as Kalinda. Another Hindi name for the sun is Kalindi. Similarly, the Persian name for the sun is Mehri. The Australian Aboriginal name for the sun is Mirri, and the Arabic name for the sun is Nada. The Hawaiian word for the sun is Nanala. Another Italian name for the sun is Oriana, which means “born on a Sunday.” Other Spanish names for the sun are Salana and Siria.

The Greek word suur has many synonyms in Hindi. In addition to being a synonym of sun, the word sur is a base word for sun. Historically, the word suur derived from Proto-Indo-Iranian *suHar (“sun”). It is a close cousin of the Ancient Greek word elios, which means “born on a Sunday.” It is also related to Latin sol and Persian khwr (khur). The word ravi has been used to refer to the sun and is a synonym for the word sun.

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