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Vertical Storage: How to Make the Most Out of the Space Available in Your Kitchen

If you are like many homeowners, you may constantly want to have storage space available in your home. When you make a custom house, it should have lots of storage space wherever possible. Usually, the kitchen is the area in your house where you seem to always run out of storage space, so that’s a good place to do some brainstorming. But the kitchen is also a place where you spend a lot of time and have guests congregate, so it’s important that your storage look nice as well. There are lots of options, including a tolle cabinet, to help make your kitchen a bit more functional but still look amazing. Vertical storage can help you maximize your kitchen space. Here are some ideas to achieve this:

Add Upper Cabinets

If you already have tolle cabinets, consider adding upper cabinets to expand the storage space available in your kitchen. Take into account where you can add these cabinets for additional storage. Upper cabinets can be added above the fridge or high above the sink. But such cabinets may require a stepladder for easy access. They can be an excellent place for storing seasonal items or items you do not use often. 

Place Hooks and Racks Strategically

Hooks and racks can help you maximize the storage within your kitchen cabinets. Also, they can help you add vertical storage to available wall space. If installing hooks directly into your wall does not please you, consider a sturdy pegboard, which lets you customize and change hook replacements easily. You can use hooks and racks for hanging pans and pots, spices, cooking utensils, and more. 

Use Sliding Shelves

Pull-out pantry carts and sliding shelves can add plenty of storage to a small space. A narrow and tall shelving unit can fit between built-in cabinets and your bigger appliances such as a fridge. Also, you place it at the end of a cabinet row. While such kind of shelving can be made in any size, it is often a set of narrow, long shelves that let you fit into narrow areas. 

Consider a Plate Rail

A plate rail is a horizontal wall trim that can be included in your custom house. Often, it runs along a wall’s upper part. It is narrow shelving utilized to display knick-knacks and decorative plates. But if a plate rail is further up the wall and will not get in the way, you can build it with a deeper shelf. This can provide you with a bit of additional space for items you only access occasionally such as décor. Indeed, a plate rail can be a great place for displaying vintage items. 

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