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Top 6 Fulfillment Services in the Philippines

What is Fulfillment Service? Fulfillment Service is a growing industry that serves as a tool that assists in alleviating the stress of marketing to increase sales. Fulfillment Services in the Philippines are helping marketers to increase their sales. It also helps with product management, including order fulfillment, shipping and logistics, pricing, and forecasting.

A fulfillment service enables your business to reach more customers by ensuring you have the products you need at the right time for your customers. They help with marketing, customer analytics, and the production of marketing materials like brochures.

Let’s take a close look at what fulfillment is, how to select the best fulfillment services, and list the best fulfillment services in the Philippines.

What Is eCommerce Fulfillment?

So, what is fulfillment in e-commerce? The process of selecting, packaging, and shipping products to end-users is called “e-commerce fulfillment.” Keeping track of inventory, locating products inside storage, packaging products, and handling the logistics of delivery are all part of this responsibility.

What Are eCommerce Fulfillment Services?

A fulfillment service is a service that acts as a third-party warehouse that takes care of the packaging and shipping of your orders on your behalf. This is accomplished from the company’s fulfillment facility.

Ecommerce fulfillment services are ideal for companies that either do not wish to deal with shipping or have outgrown their existing storage capacity to the point where they cannot send orders on their own.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Fulfillment Service

Choosing a logistics company involves several factors, such as:

Large Service Area Coverage

Consider your logistics partners in terms of the coverage area they provide at all times. Some of the products that potential clients who live in the provinces are interested in purchasing are unavailable in the shopping malls and businesses that are located nearby.

As a result, their alternate option is the most popular store on Shopee. Suppose you want to maintain a competitive position against other vendors. In that case, the logistics partner you work with must be able to give service to a wider coverage area than just the major cities and towns in the region.

Widespread distribution networks and shipping methods

Crossborder or SBS sellers who want to transport and distribute products to places outside of Metro Manila should cooperate with logistics companies with access to a vast network of warehouses. Having a Bulacan customer means your logistics partner can send pickup teams to the Bulacan warehouse to get the item and then deliver it more quickly to the customers.

3PL service that is reputable

Less esoteric in terms of ensuring a sound supply chain, 3PL services often offer reasonable rates, but they are also prone to mismanagement. While you focus on your organization’s core operations, a respected 3PL with a proven track record can take care of the logistics model’s fundamental competencies.

The most up-to-date system

There are several advantages to having an efficient logistics partner, including tracking the shipment of goods in real-time and delivering them on time to the consumer. If there are problems with product delivery or client returns, this will allow you to track them.

Six Top Fulfilment Services In the Philippines

Below are the top fulfillment services to make use of in the Philippines.

Ninja Van Philippines

Ninja Van is ecstatic to be the only provider of last-mile delivery in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, with one hundred percent service coverage. Ninja Van is also the top e-commerce fulfillment service in the Philippines. Customers can take advantage of various services provided by Ninja vehicles, including a cash-on-delivery service, flexible pickup places, and a large number of delivery budget alternatives.


myEtrego is a digital logistics platform that offers company solutions to small, medium, and large businesses in the Philippines. myEntro goes a proud provider of the most cost-effective fulfillment service, free pickup within Metro Manila and Cavite, and next-day pickup and delivery with the company’s affiliate businesses. myEntro goes business operations are limited to the nation of the Philippines.


Otto is the most advanced cross-border e-commerce fulfillment network in the Philippines. It allows merchants worldwide to sell their products online without having to establish a physical location in the country. Otto’s mission is to find solutions to the logistics and fulfillment issues that plague businesses. They do this by streamlining the process of importing goods into the Philippines, picking up packages, storing them, dropshipping them, and delivering them to customers.


The customers benefit from the all-encompassing service that Fastbreak offers. The delivery service they offer at Fastbreak ranges from delivering small packages and vital documents to delivering massive products on a wide scale. Fastbreak guarantees that your items will arrive on time, thanks to its ten years of experience in the fulfillment and logistics service industries.

SBS Philippines Corporation

The company serves a variety of markets by providing various chemical goods, including food additives, industrial, agribusiness, feeds and veterinary care, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetics. In addition, it offers its customers a service that adds value by offering logistics management in the form of sourcing, procurement, storage, and delivering various chemical goods and supplies. It competes with other businesses based on price, product diversity, supply availability, product reliability, and suitability with the market.


The JLS Group of Companies is one of the pioneers in this business sector; they have a collection of companies that offer high-quality kitchenware, beauty items, and essentials for babies. JLS is the official distributor of internationally renowned baby brands in the Philippines, including Philips Avent, Aprica, Nuby, and Hegen. In addition, JLS is the creator of the cookware brand Chef’s Classics and distributes Goody hair accessories.

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