Tips For Increasing The Efficiency And Performance Of Your Swamp Cooler

People are starting to rent out or install swamp coolers with summer fast approaching. Swamp coolers provide excellent air conditioning and are very easy to install. They can also reduce your energy costs by hundreds of dollars.

It is extremely affordable to cool a space with swamp coolers. This is significant considering that energy companies increase their rates almost daily.

It’s easy to get the maximum benefit from your swamp cooling system. We have some great tips to help improve the efficiency of your swamp cooler. These Tips Will Maximize Swamp Cooler Efficiency:

Leave All Windows Open

Your windows should always be open to allow the swamp cooler to work. Your cooler needs to be able to circulate air for it works effectively.

Swamp coolers work by drawing in cool outside air and pushing out the hot inside air. This tip will make your swamp cooler and more efficient.

Your cooler will work more efficiently if you open your windows about 2 inches. Your swamp cooler will last longer if it can draw more air into your house or business.

Regular Care

Your swamp cooler requires regular maintenance just like your car. Your swamp cooler’s engine has many moving parts. Regular maintenance can help them run smoothly even as they age.

Super Fan Replacement

If it is over five years of age, you should replace the fan. Fans for swamp coolers or in-home air conditioners should be running at high speeds to cool the air.

As they age fans get cracks and scratches that reduce their ability to move air. If you notice that your fan is moving slower than it used, it is time to get a replacement.

You Can Leave The Ice In Your Freezer

You’ll quickly realize that even though many people believe that the swamp cooler can cool down your home and business faster, they are just wasting their time. This is because swamp coolers are intended to work within certain water temperatures but notice.

It is possible to temporarily cool down with ice. Remember that ice doesn’t evaporate. It must first melt. Leave the ice on your drinks.

Filler Up

If your swamp coolant is not cooling as it should, you might have a problem. Swamp coolers work by heating water into vapor, cooling surrounding air, and then condensing it back into the water.

Your swamp cooler is equipped with a tank to hold the water that has evaporated or condensed. Sometimes sediment and algae can build up in the tank. This can prevent your swamp cooler from operating correctly.

A dirty tank could also cause leaks that can damage your ceiling. You should check your swamp cooler to make sure it is cooling properly.

Soak The Pads

Before you turn on the cooler, be sure to soak your cooling pads. It may take some time for your tank to drain or be cleaned. It might take some time for the new pads to soak.

The Right Water Temperature

A swamp cooler can work much better than hot or warm water. The cooler is intended to evaporate water faster this way.

Dehumidify Your House Or Office

You know what it feels like to live in damp places. If humidity levels are too high, they can cause health problems and even mold and mildew.

You should consider adding plants to your home or workplace. Choose the one that thrives off humidity. Boston Ferns, any of our cacti and ivy family members, aloe, and many other plants will work fine.

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