Things That Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To Do 

If you are reading this blog, you have probably racked up a lot of debt and are struggling to pay it off. When you fall behind on a debt, it is common for collectors to approach, text, or call you. The first meeting with a debt collector can be scary; you may feel powerless, but do not forget that you have rights even in debt. 

When dealing with a debt collector, you must know about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. There are certain things that a debt collector is not allowed to do. Being unaware of your rights makes you vulnerable to the dirty tactics they may play on you. Hire a Chicago debt collection defense attorney today. 

Things debt collectors are not allowed to do 

  • Use threatening or obscene language. 

No matter how much you owe or how long you have been delaying the payments, a debt collector is not allowed to treat you with disrespect. They must speak to you with civil words and encourage you to pay without using inappropriate language. They are not allowed to use threatening language that may cause you to worry about your or your loved ones’ safety. 

  • Come to your workplace. 

Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, a debt collector is not allowed to come to your workplace to ask for money. Under the Act, a debt collector cannot publicize your debt or publicly shame you for not being able to pay. This also means that they cannot harass you at work or any other public place. 

One way debt collectors can call your workplace is by pretending to be someone else. They can ask your employer or co-workers about your location or an alternative contact number without revealing their true identity or saying anything about the debt. 

  • Threaten violence or arrest. 

A debt collector in Chicago cannot become violent or have you or any of your family members arrested. They can use language like “You will soon be in trouble if you do not make the payments” but they themselves cannot arrest you. They also cannot use physical violence or have someone else do it for them. If a collector is threatening you, you have the full right to sue them. 

  • Call at unreasonable hours. 

If you did not know, debt collectors cannot even call you besides the designated hours. Just because you are in debt, does not mean that you cannot have privacy. Debt collectors cannot call you before 8 am and after 9 pm and while you are at work. 

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