The reason why foreigners fly to Thailand for plastic surgery

Covid-19 situation significantly affects the structural changes of the economy, finance and society. Many businesses have slowed to a negative level. such as in the cosmetic surgery market In the past, people slowed down on spending money. Some cosmetic surgery hospitals or beauty salons are temporarily closed. but after the opening of the country as a stimulus for spending And the constraint of people who want cosmetic surgery is increasing. In the past, although some Thai people were interested in Flying to have surgery abroad, for foreigners and Thai people living abroad to have the thought and confidence Choose to fly to Thailand for plastic surgery By studying the information and comparing prices and results thoroughly. The important reason is the reputation, experience and skill of Thai surgeons. accepted

On the side, Dr. Thananchai Asadamongkol, a plastic surgery specialist and director of the Cosmetic Surgery Center at Bangmod Hospital, revealed that before the Covid-19 situation Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital There are patients traveling from foreign countries in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, including Asian countries. Receive a large number of services, about 40 – 45%, representing 10 – 15% foreigners and 35-40% of Thai people residing abroad during the COVID-19 situation. Of course, in every business there is a slowdown. The number of surgical patients has decreased. But after the opening of the country, it was clear that There is an influx of patients waiting for surgery from both inside and outside the country. Most of them are used for facelift surgery. Breast surgery, eye surgery, buttock augmentation surgery Rhinoplasty and cut the abdominal skin shows that for foreigners They accept and have confidence in the skill of experienced Thai surgeons. and clearly specialized expertise

By Mr.Henry Tochtermann, Australian Tell us about the decision to have a face lift surgery. at the Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital, saying, “I want myself to look younger again. My wife did some research on YouTube and found interesting information about “Facelift surgery” with the hospital’s specific technique. What’s so interesting? So I decided to have surgery at the cosmetic surgery center, Bangmod Hospital. This is the first time I’ve had cosmetic surgery. At first I couldn’t imagine what the outcome would be. But the doctor’s surgery is soft and doesn’t make me feel any pain. One month after the surgery, I am very happy with the results. Look younger, younger. I feel great. Doctors, nurses, all staff. I can say that there are only good things about this surgery. They also dare to recommend others who are interested in choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery at Bangmod Hospital for sure.”

Mr.Simon Farrow, Hollywood actor, Stuntman and Australian director of Aussie Heat. He told his experience with plastic surgery, “I used to be the most confident of “nose, but because it was a “stunt man”, my nose was broken 3 times, which I have corrected in Japan, America and most recently in Korea, 2 years ago. Before, I didn’t like the modified nose shape at all. That’s why I came to Bangmod Hospital to fix it again. Before I came, I did some information and found that “Bangmod Hospital” is famous for very good surgery. So come see for yourself. I spoke with Dr. Thananchai Asadamongkol and the doctor made me feel very confident that The results must be good, which is really good. After just a week, my nose has recovered very quickly. There was only a small stitch on the right side of the nose. I didn’t feel that there was anything in my nose. It also gives a lot more naturalness. I feel very good and I really like myself. I would recommend anyone who wants to get plastic surgery here. I dare to say that This is really a good choice for you.”

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