The Power Of Routines For Kids – Let’s Uncover The Benefits

Kids need routines in their lives to feel secure and safe. Routine helps kids feel in control and can help them feel more independent and confident. When kids follow a proper schedule, they know what to expect and what to look for when something unexpected happens. A normal routine in a child’s life brings consistency and normalcy to their lives. 

How Can You Introduce Routine In Kids?

1) Scheduling regular activities, such as going to bed on time, waking up early, fixed play time, and getting up on time for breakfast. 

2) Make sure kids know what to do when they get home from school. Try to not let them sleep, but rather engage them in various extracurricular activities such as music classes, yoga classes, or whatever they’re interested in. 

3) Set a proper screen-time schedule and rules.

4) Make sure kids have proper time and schedule for studies and homework at home 

5) Schedule for reading books or spending time with them. 

The Power Of Routines For Kids – Let’s Uncover The Benefits

1) Brings Comfort & Control

When a child is unsure of what they will do next after school or after completing their homework at home, their mind wanders and they lose control or become easily distracted. Children, on the other hand, become less distracted when they are familiar with their study and play routine. They are more at ease and in control of what they are doing in the present. Assume they’re studying but are constantly distracted because they don’t know when they’ll be able to go out to play. However, knowing that 5:00 p.m. is playtime motivates them to finish their work without distractions or daydreams. 

2) Get Time For Learning Outside of Books

Kids who follow proper routines and schedules can find time outside of school to develop skills. Children who do not adhere to a routine are more likely to fall behind in life. Furthermore, when children understand their schedule, they understand when it is time for school and when it is time for other classes such as sports, dance, or other activities. For example, if a child sleeps late, there is a good chance that he or she would like to sleep after school. Then there is no time for additional learning because they must also complete their homework or study for their tests. They may end up only circling their academics, with no time to learn beyond books and build extra skills. So with a proper routine that includes an 8-hour sleeping pattern for studies, kids get more time to learn.

3) No Nagging 

A good routine is a lifesaver for parents because when children follow a routine daily, they become more self-sufficient and responsible with time. Parents no longer have to nag their children to complete morning rituals such as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, wearing ironed clothes, arriving at the table on time for breakfast, sleeping on time, and studying. Schedules and routines reset a child’s body clock, and children begin to take responsibility for their work, body, hygiene, studies, and health.

4) Encourages Family Bonding 

If a child does not adhere to a schedule, parents and children will probably eat at a different time if the child is sleeping when the parent is eating lunch or breakfast, or if the child is watching television and making excuses to eat food on time. However, if a child completes an 8-hour sleeping cycle, he or she will wake up on time, and have breakfast and dinner with parents, which will strengthen the bond between a child and parents. Make sure your routine corresponds to your child’s routine because children mimic what they see.

5) Keep Kids Excited & Motivated

Children are excited and motivated about what they will do next. Assume they know they’ll be able to watch their favorite cartoon show on Saturdays and Sundays, or that they’ll be able to order their favorite food on weekends. So, with this routine, kids become calm and look forward to the days instead of becoming cranky or frustrated and continuing to ask you to watch more cartoons or eat what they want. Because a routine instills a sense of calmness, excitement, and motivation to look forward to the days when they will receive what they desire. This improves a child’s behavior because they know they will get what they want and don’t bother you anymore.

6) Offers Stability

A routine provides consistency. It provides a predictable environment in which positive habits can be formed. Establishing predictable routines reduces the likelihood of children becoming overwhelmed or stressed unexpectedly. Routines help a child maintain a sense of normalcy in his or her life, regardless of what is going on in the family.

Take Away

Routines are one of the most important things in a child’s life. Routines can help children feel secure and feel like they know what to expect. Routines can also help children develop good habits and make them feel reliable. It also helps children learn new things quickly without getting distracted. So, instilling a routine in a child’s life is important. 

It develops discipline in kids and makes them self-reliable at an early age. Setting routines from a young age will help kids in the future with time management and not getting anxious. Moreover, if you’re looking for online extracurricular classes for kids, visit PiggyRide. If you want to engage your kids with skill-based online classes, don’t miss the chance to download this app. You will get a vast range of online classes for your kids. 

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