Steel structure work to build one-story houses and knock down houses

steel for building a house Or build a knock-down house. There are 3 types, each type has different usage characteristics, details are as follows.

Box steel for heavy-duty structures, used to make columns, beams, arches, dungs, and slabs. It is a 1-storey building structure for building a single-storey house or a 1-storey building under a high basement. replacement of wooden structures

Note : In case you are someone who will build another home. Moreover, You need information about building a house. We have a lot of information for you to scrutinize and investigate. for trust in the decision to create another house

C-section steel for trusses that bear little weight, used to make rafters, roof purlins, wall trusses, and ceiling trusses. When welded together, they can be made into structures such as beams, columns, instead of wooden trusses.

Hot-rolled steel for heavy-duty structures

Used to make columns and beams as a structure from 1-2 floors or more to replace the structure of the SEC.

TIP. Steel- is classified as a non-combustible material. But steel loses strength, strength and softens when heated above 520 °C.

Therefore, when used as part of a building structure that needs fire resistance should be painted or covered Coated with protective and fireproof material

  1. Steel standards and selection of steel profiles

Sold in general stores, there are 2 main types as standard:

1. TIS steel (full steel) is steel with diameter and weight. compliant TIS prescribed There is a steel invoice from the factory. If the thickness is measured and weighed, it will meet the specified standards.

 For example, a steel box 100x100 mm., thickness 3.2 mm., when measuring the cross-section, it will get 100x100 mm. full and get a thickness of 3.2 mm., full weight meets the standard, not wrong specification

2. Non-TIS steel (light steel) is steel with diameter and The standard does not meet the standards. TIS prescribed Most often it is the diameter that smaller or lighter will be cheaper than TIS steel

 For example, standard steel box 100x100 mm., thickness 3.2 mm. If steel does not have TIS, it will have a cross-section that is only 98x98 mm., thickness is 2.8 mm., etc.

TIP. TIS steel will be sold at large steel shops (wholesale shops) in different provinces. Different small steel shops in each district will have less TIS steel for sale because of the popularity of customers. and rural technicians Light iron is commonly used. because want to save cost

What is TIS?

TIS is a mark of standards for industrial products by quality inspection from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. To certify that the quality of the product by the name of the TIS standard will have a different mark, such as a general standard mark, a mandatory standard mark. Safety mark specific standards Mark specific standards for environment Specialized standard mark Compatible if electromagnetic, etc.

By these things we can be confident that the products that are used for building a house Or the construction is inspected by TIS standards that we will have quality standards. by some product groups For example, steel will be inspected by TIS as well. If a product supplier does not sell products that meet TIS standards, it will be considered illegal.

There are two types of iron inspections.

Check from the steel invoice. to show relevant details, whether it is length, type of steel, by observing the texture of steel To find the letters TIS.

Inspected by cutting 1 meter of steel and weighed. which if it meets the standard and weight will be considered full steel

TIP. Preliminary method of viewing TIS steel

Look at the name plate that shows details such as type, size / thickness / length / weight. and the TIS mark on the steel invoice/factory at the manufacturer

2.1.1 The standard steel box will be painted in numbers indicating the size and marked at all steel rods Makes us know the size of this piece of steel as follows:

The iron example is 100x100x2.30×6000 mm.

  • The number 100 means the widest side of the steel, 100 mm wide.
  • The number 100 means the widest side of the steel, 100 mm wide.
  • Number 2.3 means thickness of steel 2.3 mm thick.
  • Number 6000 means the length of steel per 1 piece equal to 6,000 millimeters or 6 meters (standard length for one piece of steel).

2.2 In-depth look at standard steel

2.2.1 Hollow structural steel (TIS) marks and labels all structural steel At least there must be numbers, letters or marks indicating the following details easily, clearly, and not easily erased.

1. TIS standard (TIS) TIS 107-2533

  • HS class 41 is printed in green.
  • HS Class 50 is printed in red.
  • HS Class 51 is printed in white.
  • Specify the name of the manufacturer or the factory that made it. or registered trademark specify size, thickness, length

Remarks There is no notice mark or label indicating that it is a “Not TISI standard.”

Remark : TIS is Thai Industrial Satandard

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