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Yes you read that right! WhatsApp and non-profit organisation Girl Effect have teamed up for a new chatbot called Bol Behen that is modelled like a digital elder sister. The Bol Behan chatbot aims to help girls and young women with health concerns and queries that they may otherwise be embarrassed to ask adults. Women’s health and well being is such a hush hush topic that no one talks about openly. But it is important that young girls not grow up with this notion and feel empowered enough to speak about their health concerns in order to take better care of themselves.

More About Bol Behen

Bol Behen is a hindi term that translates to ‘Ask Sister’ or ‘Speak Sister’ in English. It intends to make the inquirer comfortable in asking any question they may want to without any hesitation. The Bol Behan chatbot is equipped to answer in both Hindi and English thereby making it accessible to all women by eliminating the language barrier. The chatbot answers questions related to physical health, reproductive health, sexuality, mental well-being, love and relationships. It does not dabble in any taboos and myths but instead gives scientifically backed answers that are rooted in facts. Girls and young women may not always feel comfortable asking any and every question to the adults around them and they may not always have access to the right sources of information. This chatbot takes care of these exact issues. The Bol Behan chatbot ensures that girls and young women have a safe space to express their concerns and get the correct answers. This chatbot is secure and protects your privacy by keeping your conversations secure and confidential.

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The Bol Behan chatbot can be accessed in two simple ways – you can send a text saying “Hi” on the number +91-730449661 on WhatsApp. Alternatively you can visit this link for an invite. While the chatbot is open to every woman for assistance, it is especially targeted towards the population that lives in regions with lower levels of digital literacy such as weaker network connections and basic smartphones. It is them that this chatbot aims to empower so they can take care of themselves and recognise the importance of looking after their own health.

The WhatsApp chatbot is Girl Effect’s second venture with a Meta owned company, the first being Bol Behen’s launch on Facebook Messenger back in 2020 where it reached several women and girls successfully. With its launch on WhatsApp, it hopes to reach many more women and girls who need a digital older sister to walk them navigate the fabric of women’s health and wellbeing.

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