Safety Boots Buying Tips in Kenya – Must Read

For generations, human beings have evolved mentally as well as physically. We have come from a past where people walked barefoot as a norm which came with lots of difficulties, for example, jiggles, snake bites, sharp objects, and freezing land. People sought a way to keep their feet protected and healthy, and the invention of shoes came with the latest 21st-century upgrade to better safety boots.

People find comfort in wearing safety boots, mostly when doing construction jobs, to keep their minds free of the possibility of breaking bones and other body part injuries. These are the factors that make these boots excellent and the clues to choosing the best safety boots that fit your work:

Material of the boots

The upper part of the safety boots is tough leather and water resistant, making Them suitable for doing hazardous outdoor work. Its sole is made of resistant rubber with a rugged unique design for good grip on the ground to prevent slipping in case of a slippery floor.

The durability of the boots

These safety boots are installed with Kevlar midsole, which is steel that prevents penetration of sharp objects, making them long-lasting compared to regular shoes. Still, a steel toe front-cap anti-crash is installed to avoid the boot from being elastic, thus maintaining wrinkle-resistant capabilities.

Size and weight of the boots

The boots are made in all sizes, so you don’t have to worry about missing a safety because of your unique feet size and are manufactured in unisex gender; thus, you don’t have to worry about which type of safety boots to wear. The shoes weigh less than a kilogram for better flexibility and easy mobility when moving around.

Design of the boots  

The safety boots come in many colors but with almost the same design to fit user flexibility and comfortability.   

 Price of the boot

Choose the type of safety boots you specialize in and not the design to prevent unnecessary costs. Mostly safety boots Kenya prices depend on the kind of company you are purchasing the safety boot from because they charge depending on the material used to make the boot and shipping cost to the owner.

Safety of the boots

The water-resistant/oil-resistant leather covering prevents the feet from getting burnt with hot liquids or affected by chemical spillage. The steel toe front cap helps prevent the toes from being hurt by heavy falling objects, and its rubber stiff ground grip reduces slipping that may cause serious bodily injuries.

How to maintain the safety boots

The boot is made up of water-resistant material; thus, you need to clean the shoes with clean water after use and store them in a clean, dry area for drying to prevent the leather from wrinkling and avoid bending the boots to prevent the rubber soles from tearing up.


Safety shoes have saved and changed many people’s lives working at construction sites and other delicate places. With its durability, you don’t have to worry about when you will buy new boots for work. One pair is enough to make you going and comfortable through the day. What are you waiting for? Get yours.

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