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Relatives-agents of football players

Since the most famous football agents in the world have grown from pizza sellers – rest in peace, Mino Raiola, DJ – Ronaldo’s agent, and journalist – representative of Lewandowski and many other stars Pini Zahavi, due to lack of experience, we will not put an end to the man, who is trying to become a football intermediary. But every job needs talent. And practice is important. When you have one client, and also your own child, husband or brother, it is difficult to think like Raiola. Mino mocked Ibrahimovic at the meeting. Zlatan called his future friend Santa Claus. But the Dutch Italian helped bring Ajax stars to Serie A long before the big-nosed Swede crossed his path, Raiola had experience. And what the relatives of the stars often do can only be called sabotage. Follow the link to 22Bet website to make your bets.

Wilfried and Faiza Mbappe are parents of Kylian Mbappe

Ordinary workers became millionaires. As the experience of lotteries in huge countries shows, when an ordinary guy from the USA wins millions of dollars, his golden life most often ends in disaster, and not in the creation of a multi-billion dollar company. Mom and dad Mbappe do not know how to conduct transfer negotiations, but they simply copy the methods of financial blackmail of the authorship of agents, not understanding their essence. The way Kylian missed his move to Real Madrid last year and the current Champions League final is a perfect illustration. Now the striker will become a free agent, but his father and mother can peck at a wild offer from PSG and ruin the career of a candidate for the Golden Ball. In Ligue 1, Mbappe has nothing to do for a long time, and they want to make another Neymar out of him.

Wanda Nara – Mauro Icardi’s wife

The trial involving Johnny Depp shows well that domestic violence is not only physical. Of course, there are many more examples of abuse of women in the family than of men. The second is easier to fight back in the event of an attack. But an unhealthy psychological dependence on a morally injured partner can develop in both a man and a woman. Icardi betrayed his close friend Maxi Lopez when Wanda Nara, in her own words, initiated their affair. An experienced woman gave birth to Mauro two daughters, and a fidgety guy cheated on her. Scandal after scandal, and then an unsuccessful choice of a new club – they quarreled with Inter, but Icardi did not play in PSG. Nara is not trusted by sports directors, reproached for dishonesty, and Mauro returned to his wife after infidelity. Now will listen to her bad advice, feeling guilty? It would be better to hire a good lawyer and agent.

Jorge Messi is the father of Lionel Messi

The older Messi did not make the biggest mistake of his life – he did not bring Messi to Inter or Real Madrid. In two power clubs, young Lionel could turn into another talent that did not realize itself. But the very fact that Jorge blackmailed Barcelona to get his son contracts says a lot about the man. Also, the debts of the Catalan club give out the level of competence of the intermediary. Jorge’s cases brought Messi to criminal court, and negotiations for a new contract with Barcelona ended with a move to Paris. From where Lionel at the slightest opportunity flies back to Spain to friends. It’s bad when a father manages an almost 35-year-old man. It is unlikely that Messi is happy at PSG, he did not play productively, easily and well.

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