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Polypropylene: Why Everyone Loves Retractable Banners Made of this Material

The dream banner stand is one that comes with a corrosion-resistant frame and waterproof fabric. Thankfully, it’s easy to get corrosion-resistant banner stand frames. Banner stand frames made of aluminum are extremely corrosion-resistant. They’re very light and easy to transport as well. So, we have the perfect banner stand frames.

Now, what about the dream fabric. Well, there’s only one banner stand fabric that works like a ‘dream.’ That material is Polypropylene or simply ‘PP.’ PP is known as the “steel of plastics.” That’s because of its durability and versatility. Manufacturers can modify PP in a myriad of ways to suit different types of applications.

  • Polypropylene is famous in the packaging industry because of its durability. This material doesn’t react with acids. It can hold all types of liquids -even the acidic ones.
  • PP is corrosion-resistant. In wet and freezing conditions this material resists freezing very well.
  • PP turns into liquid almost instantly when heated at its melting point. Manufacturers mold this material into different shapes, without degrading its quality.

These qualities, along with PP’s malleability make it ideal for manufacturing banners. This material has an extraordinarily high tensile strength. So, the banners made of the “steel of plastic” are extremely hardwearing and durable. But, that’s not the only reason why your retractable banner stands need to feature this material.

Advantages of Polypropylene Banners

Propylene is a low-density material. It has the lowest density compared to other banner-making materials and plastics. So, banner manufacturers save money by using this light material. They create lightweight PP panels. These panels are stretchable and tear-resistant. Here are some more advantages of polypropylene banners –

Double-Sided Graphic

This fabric is super-durable. Hence, they don’t lose their quality during intensive printing sessions. Most materials can’t hold large amounts of ink. PP banners can. That’s why when it comes to double-sided banners, this material is the premium choice. Business owners can print two sets of graphics on PP banners. More graphics means more visibility.

Graphic Update

PP panels are very cheap. When you buy retractable banner stands, you get to reuse the stands. The banner’s graphics need updating every once in a while. Since PP panels are so cheap, business owners don’t find it difficult or expensive to upgrade their retractable banners. For very little fee, they can add updated graphics to their banner stands while using the same hardware.

Size Flexibility

PP is a very flexible material. Users can cut PP panels in different ways. They can make super-small cuts or make large billboard size banners with this cost-effective material. That’s why the market is flooded with PP banners of all sizes. Some banner sellers even allow buyers to create custom-size PP fabrics for their banners.


PP is print-friendly, cheap, and very long-lasting. But, the “steel of plastics” is also non-recyclable. Or is it? Scientists have recently created mutant bacterial enzymes that can break down PP banners within minutes. These qualities make PP banners the best in the market. If you’re buying retractable or normal banners – only go for the ones made of PP!

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