Ontario truck accident: You need legal help now! 

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and commercial trucks often have devastating outcomes. Unfortunately, the number of such mishaps is on the rise in California. If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident in Ontario, you should immediately call 911 for medical assistance. This will also help alert the police. Once you get medical care, you should consider informing your insurer and must contact an Ontario truck accident lawyer. People often find it hard to understand how the claims process works, and hiring a good & reliable attorney can make things easier. 

Truck accidents are different

Trucks are often loaded to capacity, and truckers are often exhausted from hours of continuous driving. All of that often leads to severe accidents. However, as far as consequences are concerned, truck accidents are vastly different from accidents involving passenger cars. Firstly, these are huge vehicles which are capable of causing unprecedented damage to everything along the way. Secondly, finding fault and liability for a truck accident can be extremely challenging. There could be more than one party responsible for the mishap, and since victims don’t always understand the laws, they end up accepting whatever the insurance company offers. 

Things a truck accident lawyer can do for you

To understand the role of attorneys, it is important to appreciate what they do for clients. A skilled attorney can do the following for you – 

  1. Investigate the truck accident 
  2. Determine the party at fault
  3. Gather evidence from different sources
  4. Work with accident reconstruction experts to gather more information
  5. Contact and collect testimonies from witnesses
  6. Help client file a claim with the at-fault party insurer
  7. Negotiate with the insurance company
  8. File a lawsuit

The cost of hiring a lawyer

When it comes to truck accidents, lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee or an hourly rate. Instead, they work on a contingency basis, which is a share of the final compensation. The typical fee of truck accident lawyers is 33%, but some attorneys may charge up to 40%, depending on the case. Whatever you win, you have to give a share to the lawyer. However, if you don’t succeed, there is no fee. 

Hiring an attorney for your truck accident claim can change the course of your case. Keep in mind that lawyers are also capable of handling cases at trial, which can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t understand the legalese. Call an attorney today to schedule a free consultation. 

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