Nomos Tangente

Unusually for an luxury watch manufacturer, Nomos is German, not Swiss, and hails from the renowned watchmaking town of Glashütte, south of Berlin, close to Dresden, in what was previously East Germany. The designation ‘Glashütte’ is essentially as protected as things like Champagne, and there are strict controls over what characterizes a Glashütte watch. A watch producer can’t simply move to this locale and put Glashütte on the dial. Nomos puts the fun back into watches, watchmaking, and watch ownership, and puts a fabulous watch on your wrist for similarly minimal expenditure contrasted with other luxury watch marks, regardless of which model you pick.

The Nomos Tangente goes under the loupe after a long while; a burnt point of the brand’s portfolio, the Tangente arrives in a surprising and particular new platinum dark dial and two size choices. The new dial choices add further refinement to the ongoing contribution. For instance, the 12 PM blue Tangente is between a classy and a sports watch, though the white model is quint essentially exemplary however too standard all things being equal. With the new platinum dim releases, Nomos adds unmatched styles; the Tangente closely resembles a solitary tone item all through the case and dial, as well as the other way around; and the “spider” molded hauls. you can now select a self-winding neomatik-fueled 35mm Tangente or the ongoing hand-wound one (the other platinum dim Tangente arrives in a bigger 38.5 mm size), in spite of the cost hole actually being a big issue on the off chance that you look at neomatik and Lambda.

The Dial

The platinum dark tone’s example is best valued very close; it improves the waist grained finish and the seconds’ counter snail design. The “12 PM blue” Tangente accompanies a similar surface treatment, yet it isn’t standing apart as on the platinum dim release models. Here is the reason they took on a macro lens; it helps appreciate the finely detailed and embossed gold “neomatik” inscription, the grey anthracite-colored Arabic numerals and, up close, the running seconds’ counter’s tapered edges. The tender loving care is tremendous and demonstrates a Nomos watch merits a more intensive look than elsewhere.


The Nomos Tangente is a slim hand-twisted watch, with a minimal and relatively formal look, feel, and allure. It’s more like a dress watch, and less of an ordinary watch (for some individuals) than stainless steel sports watch.
It’s also accessible with a presentation back, flaunting the noteworthy hand-winding development. This sort of design is attempted and tried and returns to the Bauhaus time, yet could similarly be a legacy from the 1950s as much as shiny new today. It’s not unexpected to discover that the Nomos Tangente and other Nomos watches have won many design grants throughout recent years. There is scarcely any bezel, unquestionably contrasted with a dive watch or numerous chronographs, and the dial is a smooth tone. It looks old without looking ‘constrained’ or ‘misleading’. The Tangente has only five numerals on the dial so it is extremely simple to read the time. The sub-seconds at the 6 o’clock position guarantee balance and adds some ‘surface’. The (discretionary) show ease flaunts the great development.


Although 35mm appears to be little contrasted with numerous other watches, the watch is an entire dial, not at all like a spring watch with its enormous round dial. In this way, on the grounds that the watch is an entire dial, it wears a lot greater than 35mm would suggest. I would entreat anyone taking a gander at the Tangente to attempt the 35mm before promptly excusing it and requesting the 38mm.It’s important to remember that this could be viewed as a dress watch (or possibly a non-device or non-sports watch), thus needn’t bother with the greater part of a 200m jumper, the 24-hour size of a GMT, or the tachygraph of a dashing chronograph.


This development is basic and powerful, with only 17 gems (the less the better, as per famous watchmaker Cameron Weiss of Weiss Watches). The power hold is as long as 43 hours (meaning it can work out positively for more than a day without requiring winding), and it has a development level of simply 2.3mm. The actual watch is simply over 6mm thick, or about a portion of the level of my dearest SKX007 spring watch. Winding the watch is straightforward, and there is a consoling measure of opposition from the crown. Since there is no day or date difficulty, the watch can be wound while the crown is pushed in, making the pleasurable occupation of wrapping it up much simpler.


Nomos is renowned for utilizing excellent Horween shell cordovan cowhide straps. The dark strap is rich and downplayed and the earthy colored strap is more causal, both are entirely agreeable. Rather than making it look looser, a NATO strap made the watch seem to be a Daniel Wellington, or ‘constrained fun’ or a ‘mullet’, which is clearly not my aim.


Presently, the Tangente is accessible in 22 models, beginning from just shy of £1,500 for the 35mm 3-hand model, to £4,000 for the Tangente Sport highlighting date, lume and 300m of water resistance. Must having the option to see the watch working, and how this minuscule machine tells the time is truly worth the upcharge.

Some presentation back watches don’t show much by any means, yet the hand-wound Tangente exhibits exactly the way that a watch works.


The Nomos Tangente is readily accessible, and there are a few restricted versions or more ‘confounded’ watches, contrasted with mine. Not every watch shop sells them, thus you might have to glance around to find an approved Nomos vendor. However, finding another Tangente is far more straightforward than getting your hands on another Rolex hardened steel sports watch!

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