NAD injections Improve Post-Workout Recovery

What is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is a naturally occurring chemical found that helps to generate energy within our bodies. NAD helps to promote energy production within the mitochondria and activates our SIRT1 enzymes and PARP1 gene which both have anti-aging and DNA-repairing properties. In other words, it’s typically used to repair our cells and DNA, improve energy metabolism, and help with other metabolic functions, as well.

NAD is typically created within the body from a combination of the vitamins, proteins, and enzymes that we eat. According to Ro Health Guide, NAD carries electrons from molecule to molecule, helping to cause reactions and other metabolic functions to occur within our bodies. However, NAD levels tend to decrease as we age, ultimately having a poor impact on our overall health.

How Can NAD Injections Improve Post-Workout Recovery?

It’s common for athletes and those who workout regularly to wake up fatigued and sore after a workout. However, NAD injections can help to improve that muscle soreness and ultimately improve the user’s post-workout recovery! NAD plays an integral role in our overall muscle function as well as our body’s cell regeneration. At its most basic level, NAD helps to provide our cells with nutrients that they ultimately convert into energy. For those who are relatively fit and healthy, their muscles are bound to have higher levels of NAD which helps them to both function and recover quicker. However, as individuals age, or for those who aren’t relatively fit, their muscles can contain relatively low levels of NAD. Lower levels of NAD in the muscles can cause not only muscle soreness but also eventually muscle deterioration.

NAD helps the body’s muscles to create the energy that they need to function. However, muscle recovery is slightly different. When we workout, we are causing small, microscopic damage to our body’s muscles. At some point, that damage will need to be repaired, and for muscles to repair they need the proper amount of nutrients. According to the National Library of Medicine, NAD helps to not only convert the nutrients that we eat into energy but also helps our body to know exactly where and when those nutrients are needed to improve our recovery time.

What are the Other Benefits of NAD Injections?

Aside from improving post-workout recovery, there are several other unique benefits associated with receiving NAD injections. Outlined below are a few examples.

1. Improved Mental Clarity

As you age, mental clarity begins to be an issue, as brain fog is typically experienced. However, NAD helps to improve the overall functionality of the neurotransmitters in our brain. Ultimately, this helps to restore the brain’s stability while also improving the user’s cognitive function, as well.

2. Reduction in Cravings

NAD helps to reduce cravings in several forms, whether it be in terms of drugs, alcohol, or food. It binds the opiate receptors that our body typically stimulates when we have those addictive cravings, and while binding those receptors, it helps our bodies to feel less of a craving for that sensation.

3. Improved Mood

NAD also plays a critical role in our mood. The lower our NAD levels are, the worse our mood is prone to be. In fact, lower NAD levels can contribute to several underlying mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. When our bodies receive NAD injections, it’s ultimately increasing our NAD levels which also improves our overall mood.

How Do You Properly Administer a NAD Injection?

The good news about NAD injections is that they can be administered from the comfort of your own home. They have become more and more popular in recent years and can be prescribed and purchased online. For example, is a company that specializes in prescription therapies such as NAD injections.

To properly administer NAD injections, it’s best to draw the prescribed amount from the vial with the syringe and insulin needle that is provided in the at-home treatment. The injection will be administered subcutaneously into the fatty tissue found underneath the skin. Most users will start with 0.1ml and gradually increase their injection levels to 0.5ml. In most scenarios, patients are prescribed to administer the injections anywhere from 1-3 times per week.

NAD injections are crucial when it comes to not only improving post-workout recovery, but also combating several other health concerns such as mental clarity, mood-related issues, and reducing cravings. If any of these symptoms outlined above sound similar to the ones you are currently experiencing, NAD injections may be a great option for you to consider!

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