Minnesota Truck Accident Types

Heavy trucks can cause devastating casualties when they crash with smaller cars because of their enormous size and weight. Truck accidents frequently result in head trauma, back and neck incidents, spinal injuries, and shattered bones, and sadly, these accidents happen much too often in Minnesota.  If a commercial truck, such as an 18-wheeler, or another vehicle causes you harm, Cimarron Ridge Legal Group will be there for all your legal needs.

There are numerous ways that truck accidents can occur, including:

Crashes at the rear:

On the road, truck drivers must take appropriate precautions. This implies that drivers must keep a proper distance from the car ahead of them and account for the possibility that a vehicle, motorbike, or some other vehicle may have to stop due to obstructions in the road, traffic, a red light, or stop sign or to make a turn. A truck could hit your car from the rear and result in a severe collision if it is following you too closely or is moving too fast for it to stop safely and swiftly.

T-bone collisions or side impacts:

These collisions frequently happen at junctions. A truck could strike the sides of your car if it disregards a stop sign or red light. The power of the broadside collision may lead your car to spiral out or result in a subsequent crash. As a result, the collision’s initial impact and any further collisions that follow it put you in danger of suffering catastrophic injuries.

Direct collisions:

When a truck driver crosses the middle line and collides with the front end of another vehicle, a head-on vehicle accident results, seeking to pass some other automobile too quickly, or when a trucker is intoxicated, tired, or otherwise impaired are the two leading causes of frontal collisions. 

Rollover mishaps:

A truck may topple onto its side due to unbalanced cargo, excessive speed, or carelessness on the driver’s part. A truck that rolls over may hit another car or trigger a second collision as other cars swerve to escape it. 

Underride mishaps:

These collisions happen when an automobile strikes the rear or sides of a tractor and is thrown beneath by the impact. The front end of the car crashes, and the effect frequently shears off the roof, resulting in fatalities and severe injuries.

Blind spot crashes:

There are significant blind patches around trucks that truck drivers cannot see. If changing lanes or executing other maneuvers, a trucker must consider these blind zones to avoid a major accident.

Jackknife mishaps:

These truck collisions occur when the driver brakes abruptly while traveling at an excessive speed.

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