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Get Transparent Giant Inflatable Zorb Balls For Zorbing

Zorb ball is currently the hottest trend sport. Here you can find out what it is all about and what bubble soccer balls actually are.

Zorb ball is suitable for sports activities especially when there are entertainment functions. These balls come in several types, material quality, and heights. This is the trendy sport that inspires more and more people. Soccer Zorbs, Bumper Balls, Bubble Soccerballs, or Loopy Balls – no matter what name is used, it’s always about soccer of a special kind.

The fun kicks for all young people and those young at heart! The body zorbs are handmade from the world’s best TPU, welded at high frequency, have a double-padded belt system, and are extra comfortable to wear! TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), 0.7 mm, of the highest quality is used. It can also be used outdoors down to approx.-25°C and in the snow.

The zorb soccer balls differ significantly from cheap offers and surpass them significantly in terms of material quality and processing. Thus, the zorb soccer balls are more sustainable in the long term, as they are more durable and therefore do not have to be replaced at short notice. Only the original soccer balls from zorb guarantee long-term use, even for commercial use.

Zorb Ball is Best For Sports Tournaments

The leisure activity bubble soccer is known by various names:  bubble football, bubble football, bumper ball, loopy ball, bubbles, or body zorbing are just a few of them. Bubble soccer is a fun, sometimes exhausting, and sweaty activity that can be practiced by almost anyone.

The manufacturing principle of a bubble soccer ball is the same as with the Zorb ball: an inner, smaller shell and a larger outer shell are connected by a large number of connecting cords. When inflated, a kind of airbag is created that protects the player all around.

The top and bottom are open so the player can slip in and pull the fixed straps over their shoulders. The player holds on to two handles, which are located at chest height, and then it can start.

This is how a bubble zorb ball game works:

The game aims to get the ball into the opponent’s goal, just like in a normal soccer game. However, if you are used to playing football, you have to adapt quickly – it is not possible to dribble around your opponent. Instead, in rugby-style bubble football, opponents are “bumped” out of the way. The number of players per team is variable, but mostly it is played 5 against 5.

To differentiate between the teams, either completely transparent bubble soccer balls with different string colors are selected, or balls that are colored on one side. Since the player’s view is somewhat limited by the two covers, it is advisable to also wear different jerseys or simply a shirt when playing with transparent balls.

Indoor Zorb Ball Activity

Women have the better passing game

Interestingly, from our experience, girls and women’s teams sometimes manage to conjure up a passing game on the pitch – with the men; on the other hand, the joy of bumping is usually in the foreground. Soccer clubs often host a zorb ball game as a highlight after a busy pre-season, or to bring players together across teams.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily “bubble” before an important football game – because physical exertion should not be underestimated!

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Outdoor Matches with Zorb Ball

It can be played both indoors and outdoors. The indoor soccer pitches are mostly 15 x 35 m and allow a game of 5 against 5. Outside it goes without saying that in a tournament, for example, all teams play on a pitch of the same size, eg more than half of a normal football pitch in a game 5 against 5. With JGA or “just for fun,” you are variable and the size of the playing field can be based on the number of players.

Zorbing Ball Offers Unique Experiences

You climb into the zorbing ball through a small opening and find yourself in the inner ball with a diameter of approx. 1.80 meters, which is connected to an outer shell with a diameter of approx. 3.20 meters by thousands of ropes. The ropes ensure that the distance between the two balls remains constant and give the running ball the necessary stability.

Either on a special course, in a race with another “Zorbonaut” or down a slope, the Zorb Ball picks up speed. Certain safety precautions must be taken beforehand on a downhill course so that the Zorb arrives safely at the bottom.

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