I was injured while riding with Uber; what happens next?

Contrary to what the extensive advertising and marketing initiatives suggest, the likelihood of getting involved in a ridesharing accident is far higher. Although Uber and Lyft rides are handy, since the drivers are merely people, they are not exempt from roadside issues.

Rideshare drivers can become disoriented due to stressful working conditions and the requirement to continuously check their GPS trackers, which has also caused numerous accidents. As a result, it is crucial to consider the likelihood of an Uber accident in Salem, Oregon.

If you have faced such danger, we advise you to get legal advice right away so they can assess your situation and assist you in pursuing just compensation for your losses.

How Should You React If You’re In An Uber Accident?

Since you were a passenger, you had little to no involvement in the accident’s cause; instead, you were a victim of the tragedy, and your claim for financial and non-financial losses was legitimate and fair.

You’ll need to take care of a few things to get to this stage, first:

  • Immediately after an accident, gather first-hand evidence on the scene. This evidence may include pictures of the crash scene, the names and contact information of any witnesses, and information on the participants.
  • Under state legislation, you must also report the incident to the police.
  • You should get medical attention as quickly as possible for your pain and injuries.
  • You should have your medical bills, receipts, records of missed pay, extra expenses, and so on. Keep track of your losses and document the proof as much as possible.
  • Get a copy of the case’s police report as well.

  • Make contact with a personal injury attorney and go over the specifics of your case before speaking with the insurance adjuster; remember to avoid doing this until after you’ve talked with your attorney.

In addition, maybe you’ll be able to request a reasonable settlement for your personal injury claim.

Just a PS, your Uber accident attorney can always get more coverage from your personal injury protection policy if the coverage limits prevent you from claiming a fair sum (or if the at-fault party was an underinsured motorist).


According to Uber’s motor insurance coverage for its passengers, in certain situations, victims of an Uber accident may file a lawsuit against the ridesharing service or corporation for their losses. However, while determining whether or not your case is worth pursuing and if you have a reasonable possibility of receiving a decent payout, the specifics of your lawsuit will be crucial.

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