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The Huawei Y5p is a top notch smartphone, and I propose it to everyone. But, as with every tool, there are a few issues with it. Smartphones are complicated, and it is now no longer clean to make a great tool without a problems.

Therefore even after years of revel in within side the area first-rate testing, phone producers every now and then fail to type out all of the problems with the tool earlier than the launch.


The 3 additives accountable for overheating are the smartphone’s SoC(usually called the processor), 2d is the smartphone’s battery, and 1/3 the display.

It’s anticipated for the smartphone to warmness up a little. However, you may use the subsequent trick to test in case your smartphone is overheating.

The pleasant manner to check in case your smartphone is really “Overheating” is via way of means of setting the smartphone in your ears and cheeks, similar to you do at the same time as speak me on a voice call.

Overheating under normal use:

The maximum not unusual place reason of phone heating problems is usually known as a processor, and the display whilst used with excessive brightness. When your phone makes use of the processor aggressively, it heats up.

Now to hold ultimate smartphone temperature and save you the heating problem, the warmth is handed to the display, after which it dissipates the warmth to the air and your hands.

The pleasant operating restoration is a firmware replace. Overheating and plenty of different problems are constant via way of means of producers thru a firmware replace. Therefore I propose you to test for updates and replace your Huawei Y5p if to be had.

Buggy apps:

Make certain you operate apps from well-seemed builders and which you set up all apps from the Play Store. Buggy apps can overheat your phone. Update apps to restoration the overheating issue.

Extended video recording:

The digital camera in your tool drains the battery speedy if used for a protracted time. Unfortunately, it additionally overheats your smartphone.

Using the digital camera with the flash on will warmness Huawei Y5p and drain the battery faster. So, flip off the flash if it isn’t always required.

Running anything resource hungry:

Running whatever resource-hungry can warmness your Huawei Y5p. Apart from gaming, enhancing videos, WiFi-Hotspot, display mirroring, streaming are the not unusual place resource-hungry tasks.

Overheating while charging:

It is not unusual place for a phone to warmness at the same time as charging. The smartphone heats due to the fact the charger has to offer enough energy to fee the tool’s battery. The new Fast-chargers are everywhere among 30W to 120W whilst penning this article.

Firmware updates:

Manufacturers can restoration maximum issues thru a firmware replace; therefore, we propose you to test for updates and replace your Huawei Y5p if to be had.

Sometimes, there are a couple of firmware updates, and those updates are set up one via way of means of one. So, ensure you put in all to be had updates.

Fast charging:

Disable speedy charging from the settings app. If your phone does not have a characteristic to disable speedy charging, you may use a vintage charger.

If the above guidelines failed to help, your charging port could have been damaged. Visit the closest legal provider middle to get your recognized and constant.


This article gathers information about Huawei y5p and explain some terminologies of it. This blog post also states the overheating process in Huawei y5p. This also mentioned some problems with Huawei y5p like buggy apps.

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