How to Watch TV Shows Without Cable

With multiple streaming services on our devices, watching TV shows has become easier than ever before! From Netflix to Hulu, every platform offers access to a wide range of genres of entertainment. However, sometimes, your subscription to such streaming platforms can put a dent in your wallet, leaving you with little to no savings every month. Even cable TV asks you to pay a hefty price to stream your favorite movies and TV shows on your TV. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to your TV-related issues with the DISH channel guide.

Why You Should Switch to DISH Channel Guide

Finding a one-stop shop that lets you explore various options under the same roof can be very challenging. However, with the DISH network channel guide, you can make use of a TV package that allows you to stream local channels, ranging from family, sports, cooking, kids, arts, weather, news, and entertainment. From Crime & Investigation, Investigation Discovery, World Fishing Network, Disney XD, FOX News Channel, and Hallmark Channel to Oprah Winfrey Network, you can stream as many channels as you want.

Ways to Watch Local and International Movies and TV Shows over the Internet

Whether you watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your smartphone or your smart TV, you need to find a way to stream content at affordable prices. If you are not sure whether you should go for a cable network or not, here are some of the ways to get your favorite channels on your screen:

Sign Up for a Channel App

Check out the wide range of channel apps available on your device. For example, if you are using an Android TV, go to your Google Play Store and search for a channel app.

USA Network App

This app allows you to watch live TV, stream your favorite movies, and binge-watch your favorite TV shows, everything under the same app. Start by signing up for this app. Once you have signed in, you will get access to multiple TV channels.


FuboTV is a television streaming service app that includes various TV channels for endless entertainment. From crime documentaries to rom-coms, FuboTV has got everything you need. However, most streams on this app are capped at 720p. With access to more than 120 different channels, it works as an ideal source of entertainment without paying any additional charges.

Invest in a New Smart TV

Smart TVs come with a user-friendly interface that lets you access popular streaming services with ease. Once you have bought a new smart TV, you’ll want to download and install various apps for watching movies and TV shows, without breaking the bank. Start with YouTube and Netflix, then you can explore other platforms, such as HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, or Peacock.

Here are the details of the top streaming services in the US:

Streaming Service Starting Price Max Video Resolution Device and Stream Limits
ESPN+ $6.99 per month 1080p 5
Hulu $6.99 per month 4K UHD 2
Amazon Prime Video $8.99 per month 4K UHD 3
Netflix $9.99 per month 4K UHD 1-4
HBO Max $9.99 per month 4K UHD 3
Discovery+ $4.99 per month 4K UHD 4
Apple TV+ $4.99 per month 4K UHD 6
Disney+ $7.99 per month 4K UHD 4
Paramount+ $4.99 per month 1080p 3


The term “Smartcast” refers to the feature that allows you to stream video clips, movies, and TV shows from your smartphone to your smart TV. From YouTube and Facebook to Netflix, you will find the Smartcast icon on almost every streaming app. Simply tap that icon and select your smart TV’s name from the list of available TVs.

Wrapping Up

Getting access to streaming services is a quick and easy way to watch movies and TV shows all day long. Whether you are hosting a movie night with friends at home or looking for ways to make your children watch animated movies, you can never go wrong with signing up for a popular streaming service. In addition, it lets you share the screen with multiple people. Besides, channel apps, Smartcast feature, and DISH TV are some of the best ways to stream your favorite content without any hassle!

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