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how to know we have sensitive skin.

how to know We have sensitive skin. or weak skin ? Many people with sensitive skin problems may find it difficult. Anything that is used is easy to lose. When taking care of your skin, you need to buy skincare carefully. because of fear that the skin will be more sensitive than before But have you ever wondered? What is the root cause of sensitive skin? Why is it that our skin is sensitive? And actually, we have sensitive skin. or just weak skin

when you wash your face for women with sensitive skin, Facial foam is the important when you wash your face .You should to choose a cleansing foam from

to find the root of skin problems Let’s understand it better. What is sensitive skin? We have sensitive skin. or weak skin

What does sensitive skin look like?

Sensitive skin is Characteristics of skin that is prone to inflammation or sensitive to stimuli such as sunlight, air, or irritating ingredients The skin will be red rash, dry skin and peeling. The cause of irritated skin can be caused by many reasons. Since the genetics Or find ingredients that make our skin allergic. or get irritated

how to know We have sensitive skin. or weak skin

After all, sensitive skin and weak skin have similar symptoms, so how do we know that? In conclusion, our skin is sensitive or weak? The answer is, “Weak skin is one of the causes of sensitive skin.” Because weak skin is the cause of sensitive skin.

So how can weak skin make our skin sensitive?

Weak skin is caused by the Skin Barrier or the skin barrier that is on the top layer of the outer layer of the skin, we are weaker. The cause comes from exposure to sunlight, pollution, or even irritating ingredients. until the skin is weak a leak on the skin As a result, things that may irritate our skin enter our skin easily. (Into the leak, that’s it) and at the same time good moisture. that balances the skin Shine, it flows from the skin easily. So it turns out that bad things can easily hurt your skin, but good things come off easily as well. and what happened that was inevitable was Chronic skin problems and “sensitive skin” are one of the problems that can arise.

But sensitive skin does not always depend on weak skin. Some of them may be due to genetics. Notice that If we do not let the skin be damaged by the sun too much. or not using irritating ingredients But the skin is still sensitive. it may be that We already have sensitive skin. It is recommended that you consult a dermatologist. to get a diagnosis of the root cause and skin problems and received the correct treatment

Sensitive skin, sometimes it may be caused by weak skin. that have not been properly maintained If you don’t want to face endless problems with sensitive skin In addition to avoiding ingredients that cause skin irritation. I have to turn to nourish the skin to be strong as well. Because weak skin is one of the reasons for sensitive skin, so if our skin is stronger, it can help solve sensitive skin problems as well.

What ingredients should be avoided if you don’t want to risk your sensitive skin?

Of course, the first thing to look out for is products that contain large amounts of chemicals, such as perfumes, which aren’t just for the face. Body care products must be chosen as well.

Glycolic, salicylic acid, retinoids, alcohol, and chemical sunscreens containing titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, which can cause allergic reactions and accumulate under the skin.

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