How To Install My Lace Wig?

Let’s say you recently bought or intend to buy a lace wig. This wig may leave you wondering how to wear it. What would you like? Can I wear a lace wig outside of a hair salon?

Lace wig requires a lot of effort to wear. This manual serves as a beginner’s lesson. It will go into great detail on how to wear a wig. HD lace wig can be worn without visiting a salon. Read on!

How to make a full lace wig?

You must be familiar with wig construction in order to wear a full lace wig correctly. A full lace wig has lace covering the entire base of the wig. For a genuine appearance, the headband is hand-tied with a whole lace cap. Whether it’s comfort, versatility, or style. The most popular type is full lace wigs. Your hair might be parted in a practical way at the front.

Because they are entirely hand braided, more robust, and offer more styling possibilities, they cost more than lace front wigs. Because lace is used throughout the base. In order to avoid showing the major component, you can style your hair in a ponytail, braid, or tie.

How to use a full lace wig?

Your wig knots should be bleached before you begin. Knots are typically bleached in wigs. But by doing so, the wig will appear more natural. If you need suggestions about bleach knots, you can review them here.

Move 1 – Prepare your hair.

Make sure there is no grease in the region where the wig will be worn. Washing your scalp with shampoo and conditioner is the first step. To make styling your hair easier, you can also hydrate it.

For curly, short hair

Short and fine hair are incredibly simple to style. Simply put on a wig and tuck all of your hair below. Hair that is cut short can be braided. Weaving tips are provided here.

To suit long hair

For lengthy hair, braiding is advised. This helps women take better care of their hair and keeps me safe.

Tips for braiding your hair

  • After combing clean hair, apply oil. Create 2-4 sections in your hair, then style it from front to back. Your hair’s thickness will determine the portions you make.
  • Beginning around the scalp’s base, begin braiding the hair. Right, center, and left areas of your hair should be separated. Place yourself in the center. As a result, the first part will become the middle part. Likewise, move the middle left to the center. Apply a circular hair clip to my hair’s ends. Make sure the hair ties are neither too tight nor too loose. Due to the fact that you will shave your head.
  • Repeat to create additional braids. It should be braided, wrapped around the crown, and clipped with a wire. Wrap the mesh around the scalp completely at this point. Please refrain from braiding too near the front of the head. If not, it will be obvious if you wear a wig. Put a pigtail clip on it to keep it in place.
  • Braid one more strand around the head as well. Avoid overlapping as it will cause lumps. You are now prepared to put your wig on.

Move 2 – Put on the wig cap.

Put a wig cap on your head, take it off gently, and cover your entire head with it. For the ears, you might need to drill holes. You might need to apply adhesive to secure the wig cap on your head. In the case that you wear a full lace wig, this will keep it from falling loose. Wigs can be customized to fit your head. (Glueless Wigs)

Move 3 – Trim the excess lace from the full lace wig.

Spread out a full lace wig while wearing it. Please tweak it to suit your style after seeing in the mirror. To keep the wig on your head, use the hair clip or comb that came with it.

Next, use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the extra lace. Cut a tiny part of the front of the lace first, being careful not to remove too much. Remove the hairline protrusions. To make it look authentic, you might cut it in a zigzag pattern.

After that, keep removing the extra ribbon from the neck and ears. The front of the head should be treated in the same way. Make sure to avoid cutting your wig hair.

Move 4 – Build the back.

The majority of instructions at this time will include how to style the front. But how do you avoid being hit from behind? To help your back return to normal, we’ll provide some advice. Put the rear of the wig in front of you after flipping it over.

The shoelaces have a textile covering that is 2.5 inches long. Pull the layers apart and cut the ribbon with precise scissors. Before icing spraying the back, apply foundation. As a result, the ribbon’s hair will better match.

Move 5 – Glue on your head

Put a small layer of your preferred glue or gel on the surface. Apply the glue to your scalp and all of your hair using a cosmetic stick or makeup brush. It is advised against wearing a wig when applying cosmetics.

After applying the glue, wait a few days before using the wig. Give the glue some time to dry. The wig should be worn right away if you use firm gel or glue.

Move 6 – Tie a full lace wig.

Don a wig and wait patiently. To maintain the wig’s position, use a wig comb. However, it should be taken into consideration that it should fit the head well, not be too loose, and not be too tight. (Deep Wave Wig)

Beginning at the middle of your forehead, fold the braid. Apply mild pressure with your finger. At the edge of the lace on the adhesive, keep pressing the lace into the glue from the side and along the hairline. To cool the glue-coated hair, use a hair dryer.

Give it some time to dry. If you’d want the lace to be permanently adhered with adhesive, you can tie the fabric over your head. 10 minutes should be given for the fabric to sit.

Move 7 – Styling your full lace wig.

To your liking, style the hair. To improve the appearance, use a curling or flat iron. Large separation space is provided by finished base construction. Despite the fact that lace closely resembles the contour of your real scalp, you may still apply some makeup to specific areas of it to make it look more like your actual scalp.

For a natural look, divide the hair at the ends. To give the wig a natural and appealing appearance, you can carefully comb the baby hair around it with a tiny comb and shape it to suit your taste. Corrective gel works wonderfully with it.

A lot! You were successful!

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