How to Improve Your Child’s Writing Speed With Ease?

Does your child write slowly? Are you worried that your child might miss his/her exam because of slow writing? Don’t worry! We have got you covered by bringing you the best techniques to help your child boost their writing speed. 

Improving a child’s writing speed is a discipline that requires both children and parents to work together. As a result, the more practice a child gets, the quicker they’ll write. However, many other factors, such as a child’s grip, paper, or posture, contribute to slow writing. Apart from it, you can also find online English handwriting classes for your kids, if you’re a busy parent.  

Slow writing can impede your child’s academic success. He or she may be unable to write what is written on the board before the teacher cleans it, or he or she may be unable to complete the exam on time.

How to Improve Your Child’s Writing Speed With Ease?

1) Right Posture

Did you know that maintaining proper posture can help a child’s writing speed? So, instead of practicing while sitting on a couch or a bed, a child should study while maintaining proper posture on a chair. The hips and back should be supported by the chair, and the feet should rest on the floor calmly. Finally, a child’s arms should be on the table and he or she should not slouch while writing. Unnecessary slouching will make your child feel lazy and will put a strain on your shoulders. As a result, ask your child to sit for studies on the chair as well as use a study table for better writing speed according to the height.

2) Grasp The Pencil Properly

These are the fundamentals of holding the pencil between the index finger and thumb. Some children hold a pencil just above the tip or from a very distance. For comfortable writing, they should hold the pencil where the sharp end begins. Finally, tuck both the ring and little fingers into the palm. The proper grasp will eventually help kids feel more at ease while writing and will help them increase their writing speed. Lastly, also make sure a child isn’t gripping a pencil too hard because eventually, it will tire their hand early and reduce their writing speed. 

3) Set A Challenge

Kids can become lazy or distracted while doing their homework, but involving challenges will help your children improve their writing speed. Invite their friends and see if they can write 50 words in 10-15 minutes at first. When children participate in a challenge, there is a friendly competition, which helps children perform better without distractions.

4) Set A Timer & Incentives 

Tell kids that if they finish their homework in one hour, they will get 30 minutes of extra playtime. Set reasonable and productive incentives for them, such as giving them extra play time, purchasing their favorite stationery, or playing board games with them such as chess, monopoly, and more. Incentives and timers work because they motivate children to complete their work on time and without distraction. According to one study, when children are given incentives, their brains work faster. Lastly, track their progress and make it more challenging, and set timers accordingly after they keep on improving. 

5) Practice Daily

Give them specific paragraphs from the book and tell them they copy them. Also, set a reasonable time duration for kids.The length of the time depends on the length of the paragraph you ask them to copy and write. In addition, ask them to imagine, make up stories, and write them independently. It will also help them improve their writing skills and speed. Practice is extremely beneficial, and it is the only way to improve your child’s writing speed.

6) Get Rid Of Distractions

There are a few methods for eliminating distractions while studying. One method is to make and stick to a study schedule. This will allow kids to concentrate on the task at hand. Another way to eliminate distractions is to make good use of technology. Use a study app, for example, to track your child’s progress and sit away from all distractions. Find a quiet place to study where kids can concentrate better. Kids should be working in a quiet room where there should not be any distractions such as television or phones. 

7) Check Their Writing Style

Changing and simplifying the way your child writes letters can help him write faster. If the letters are the proper size, he will be able to write faster. As a result, if a child writes small letters, their writing speed will improve. The smaller each letter, the less time it takes to complete it. You don’t want to reduce the letter size so much that your note is illegible. So, work with your child accordingly to help them improve their writing style. 

Final Words 

The importance of improving your child’s writing speed cannot be overstated. A child who can write quickly and accurately can communicate more effectively and efficiently. Plus, a fast writer is less likely to experience difficulty with spelling and grammar. Encourage your child to write regularly. Children who are encouraged to write often tend to write faster and more effectively. Help your child develop a writing routine. Establish a specific time each day when your child should write. This will help him or her to stick to the habit and develop a writing speed. Moreover, consider the points mentioned above. Moreover, if you’re looking for online English & Hindi handwriting or online English grammar classes, visit PiggyRide. You will find certified and professional tutors for your kids. 

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