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If you love movies, TV shows, and pop culture, you will enjoy the content of Screen Rant. Started in 2003, the website has become one of the largest independent sources of entertainment news, with over 105 million subscribers. The website offers an opinionated, sometimes hilarious, perspective on the latest news in the entertainment industry, from movie trailers to TV shows and film theory. It is one of the few outlets that can offer a broad range of information in an entertaining way, attracting not only a casual audience but also a fanboy/fangirl crowd.

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Those interested in writing for Screen Rant may be looking for a freelance, part-time, or occasional position. These jobs are 100 percent online, and most of them are 100% remote. In order to join the growing community of writers, you will need a passion for entertainment and video games. If you have a passion for writing and have an interest in pop culture, Screen Rant may be the right place for you! You can find many freelance writing opportunities on the site, so check it out if you love watching movies and television.

Screen Rant

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