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How to add music to an Instagram video: Five Guaranteed Methods 

Instagram provides five options to upload video content: IGTV Videos, Feed videos, Stories Reels, live videos, and Reels.

Let’s examine each of these:

1. IGTV (Instagram Television) 

IGTV is the ideal format for videos with a duration of more than one minute but less than 60 minutes. IGTV videos can be pre-recorded, and then loaded from the camera roll.

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2. Video feed from Instagram 

In-feed videos on Instagram are uploaded in the same manner as photos are. You can upload the video using your photo library or an Instagram built-in camera. In-feed videos must be at least three seconds long and not more than 60 seconds long.

3. Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories short videos that last less than 15 seconds are added to your Stories section. Snapchat Stories inspired, they disappear within 24 hours. For the Story, you’ll have to save it to the area called Highlights on your account (above on the grid).

4. Reels 

Instagram Reels are 15-30 second videos that combine to create a single video. Reels, inspired by TikTok, are the most popular Instagram video format.

Reels can capture virtual portraits and appear on the Reels tab. Reels have access to the audio library and effects capabilities. Reels, inspired by TikTok, are the most popular Instagram video format.

5. Instagram Live 

Instagram Live allows users to live-stream with the camera built into their phones. You can broadcast live streams by clicking on the plus icon, switching to Live, or swiping right.

Instagram allows users to go live up to 4 hours. They can also host their live show on 2 or more accounts. Live broadcasts are made by users, they are shown at the top of the Stories bar, with an icon that reads “Live.” You can get free Instagram likes with

Best Methods to Create an Instagram Video Instagram Video 

Keep these top practices in mind before you begin adding music to Instagram videos.

1. Make use of a VPN

Are you constantly confronted with a message stating certain music is not available in your area? Use the VPN to access restricted geo-restricted content to stream your video.

2. Create the content and music before the time

Planning content in advance is crucial to consistently posting and gaining a larger audience and staying on top of significant developments.

3. Select popular music

To find out what’s popular, you can tap the music section within Reels and click “see more.” The results you see are popular songs that Instagram suggests. If you’re not sure how to access Reels, check out the instructions in the next section.

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