gas welding safety

Gas welding is welding by heating the flame of two gasses mixed between gasses. oxygen and fuel gas In general, the most widely used fuel gasses are acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). High risk and danger if used improperly.

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components of welding equipment

  1. Oxygen gas pipe and fuel gas pipe
  2. The pressure regulator must fit snugly against the gas outlet.
  3. Gas welding nozzle (Torch )
  4. Oxygen and fuel gas pipelines
  5. Flashback arrestor

when gas welding The gas inside the oxygen gas pipe and the fuel gas pipe flows through the pressure regulator and mixes on the gas welding nozzle handle. Then a heat flame is given to the gas welding nozzle to be used for cutting or welding the workpiece.

Dangers of using gas welding

Operation of welding equipment without attention to operational safety will cause accidents. All of which in the past have caused injury or death to employees.

The serious danger of gas welding in the event of an accident is fire or explosion. with various factors that may cause the following events:

– There are flammable items in the welding area.

– improper use of gas welding nozzles

– Gas leaks from gas lines, valves or other parts.

– No flashback arrestor

– Unsafe transportation of oxygen gas pipes

safe working conditions

Good practice in working on gas welding work There should be a permit-to-work system for gas welding, including a hazard assessment of the welding site. Make sure there are no flammable or explosive things nearby. gas welding area

All employees involved are required to receive safety training on gas welding equipment and use, and gas welding workers must wear appropriate personal protective equipment and be ready to stop fires. In the event of a fire in the work area

gas welding safety

The type of gas welding torch must be suitable for the job. When the gas welding nozzle (Tip) is extinguished or clogged, it must be opened for cleaning. The gas welding nozzle’s operating valve should be structured or prevented from accidentally opening.

Precautions for using gas welding equipment

– The working area should not contain flammable objects.

– Hose pipes (Hoses) should not come into contact with flammable things. spark source or other heat sources

– When inactivity or termination of use The valve on the gas torch must be closed immediately.

– Gas pipes should be stored away from heat sources.

gas welding machine

gas welding machine It is an active tool for gas welding. It is safer than the general gas welding unit that uses only gas and oxygen lines to connect to the Torch.

But this machine will consist of a gas control unit. Various sensors and valves to support the safety of use There is an electrical point known as spark ignition to save fuel. It also does not stand the Torch (Torch). for safety while working and can continue to pick up the power

Gas welding is a widespread welding method. Suitable for thin sheet metal connections because electric welding is not possible due to high temperature sheet metal It is mostly used in metal casting factories. Steel boat factory, paint garage, car exhaust shop and factory maintenance work The dangers of gas welding machines include: Explosive gas filling tubes welding glare Flame from the welding torch and fume or poisonous gas.

In every gas welding job After preparing the equipment Will have to use the flame to burn the work that needs to be welded around the desired welding line until it becomes a melting pond, then move the welding head to heat the flow along the whole workpiece. Then add the welding wire to solder the desired workpiece. Before moving the welding head evenly It is important to pay attention to the width of the welding head that is appropriate for the size, shape and thickness of the workpiece as well.

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