Features Affecting Solar Water Heater Price

The price of a solar water heater varies depending on the various features they have. The type of solar water heater, durability, functionality, the heating system and the storage tank of solar water heater are features that affect the price of solar water heaters. Consider your consumption capacity to purchase a heater that suits your demands.

There is an emerging trend in the use of solar energy necessities to unrealities and high cost of electricity. The number of homes, hotels and schools that are installing solar water heaters has increased over time. They are preferred because of their reliability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and environment-friendly aspect. When you are buying it is important to check the following features that affect the price of solar water heaters.

The Type of the System

There are two types of systems depending on the nature of water. The direct system is commonly preferred when heating soft water where the solar water heater collector heats the water directly. When the hard water is heated through the fluid in the solar panel the minerals in the hard water can be broken down hence an indirect system that is more expensive. When you direct heat hard water it can cause collector tubes to block or corrode.

The Durability of the Solar Water heater

Solar water heaters with a long service life of 15 years are quite expensive but they give you value for your money. Despite the solar water heater price being high, the heaters have a warranty that guarantees you quality, maintenance in case of fault and complete replacement in case of manufacturing fault. With correct handling and regular service, they can last long.

The Functionality of the System

There are two kinds of solar collectors. The Flat Plate Collector (FPC) is made of metal and best fits tropical climates. Though bulky they have a high level to conduct and emit. They are expensive but durable and easy to service. The Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) is made of glass and hence delicate to install, operate and service. ETCs have a higher capacity to retain heat and are cheaper.

The Heating System

The hybrid system has an electric feature installed in the storage tank to back up the solar system in case of changes in weather or fault. Their prices are higher compared to a non-hybrid system that relies only on solar heating systems. In case of maintenance or fault, the non-hybrid users are at a disadvantage.

The Storage tank System

The type of storage tank used to store water heated by the solar is important. It should be able to retain the heat of the water at a recommended time of  60-72 hrs. The safety procedures should be followed to ensure the water is clean and free of any smell. This is enhanced by buying a 5mm cast iron tank that has an enamel coating. This feature can influence the cost of solar water heaters.


Buying an efficient, durable and cost-effective solar water heater is vital. You need to consider the features that affect its price to buy a solar water heater that will suit your needs. Your consumption capacity is important to determine the size of the solar water heater system you will install. For home use, there are smaller ones that are cost-effective and there are expensive ones for mass use like in hotels and schools.

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