Cleansing foam for acne prone skin

Many people with acne are probably looking for a good facial cleanser that can help treat acne well, right? Because washing your face with cleansing foam is effective and treats acne in particular. It will help acne disappear faster. no acne scars or skin problems caused by acne Today we are going to look at facial cleansing foam that can help cure acne. Let’s go see what’s there.

 There are different skin care products available at for purchase that are suitable for different skin types and conditions. 

Acne is a big problem on beautiful faces. of women and men, especially teenagers and young adults Most of the time, acne symptoms are mild. But acne in some people, the symptoms are severe and very inflamed. The important thing is that when the acne is gone, there will still be traces left to look different. Some have scars, black marks, dimples, or bulges.

Since acne is caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands (sebaceous), we tend to find acne in areas with a lot of sebaceous glands such as the face, chest, upper back, neck, shoulders or upper arms. open blackhead or closed head pimples which can be seen as white heads under the skin Later, it may become inflamed pimples, seen as red blisters. (papulonodular) some people if the inflammation is very They may be found as pustules or large inflamed pimples deep beneath the skin called elephantiasis. (nodulocystic) as well

 I have acne, what kind of face wash should I use?

First of all, we need to know the properties of facial cleansing foam that helps reduce acne and what properties must have. as a guideline for choosing the correct acne cleansing foam

Properties of facial foam that helps treat acne.

moisturize the skin

Skin that is already moist on the surface. It will reduce the production of sebum or oil in the sebaceous glands. This is because the mechanisms of the sebaceous glands work when the skin is dehydrated or loses moisture from the sun, wind, pollution, or the use of facial cleansers that make the skin dry and tight. Therefore, the skin is always moisturized. thus helping to reduce clogging from oiliness on the face

Contains no irritants

Skin irritants are one of the factors that cause acne. Because acne is caused by inflammation of the hair follicles. Many irritants cause skin and pores to inflame. Many people may be allergic to foam cleansers from the irritants it contains. The most obvious allergic reactions to facial foam are pimples, swelling, redness, or itchy pimples on the face. Avoiding foaming cleansers that contain irritants. thereby reducing the occurrence of acne

can kill bacteria

Another cause of acne is acne-causing bacteria, or P. acne, which are bacteria that feed on facial fat and break it down into fatty acids. The fatty acids have the effect of causing the skin and hair follicles to become inflamed. Thus causing acne to occur in that particular spot, especially inflammatory acne, pus-filled pimples and elephant head pimples. Most often this is due to the accumulation and growth of bacteria. Using a foaming cleanser that helps kill bacteria. thereby reducing and treating acne inflammation

reduce excess oil

Cleansing products that help control excess oil. Can reduce acne as well. Because the main cause of acne is excess oil This is because excess sebum tends to clog the pores and cause them to become inflamed. Excess sebum can also be a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, cleansing products that help reduce oiliness can help reduce acne on the face very well.

reduce blockage

Clogging can be caused by dirt, makeup, sunscreen, skin cream residue. excess oil and dead skin cells Cleansing foam that can reduce clogging in the pores and can clean the skin deeply. It will help reduce acne as well.

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