Claim Justice Review — Should You Trust This Company to Get Your Money Back?

Claim Justice review

The crypto industry is notoriously full of scammers. If you lost money to a Ponzi scheme or a scammer operating on social media, make sure to contact Claim Justice, one of the best companies specializing in money recovery. So let’s find out more in this Claim Justice review.

The sad reality of the crypto domain is that more people are losing money each year. The 2021 FTC report indicates that over $770 million is lost annually to different scammers. The bulk of it is related to the crypto industry and the vast majority occur on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Since the industry is quite young, many people who want to invest in it are often uneducated about the intricacies of the domain.

Scammers can attack various fronts. Some specialize in taking your money under the guise of investment counselors or representatives of new crypto projects. Others take advantage of the fact that many people simply do not know how to use their wallets responsibly. Many use the initial approach of promising huge returns to obtain your credentials or credit card information. Regardless of how it happened, Claim Justice can help you!

How Claim Justice approaches each case

The company uses a very deliberate investigation procedure and uses unique techniques for each case. While many scammers work using the same scheme, it is important to understand the individual nuances of each case and work accordingly.

Claim Justice works using a very standard pattern:

  • The initial information about the case is obtained during the first interview with the client during which they lay out their side of the story.
  • Then, the company starts collecting evidence including payment receipts, screenshots of conversations, and other documents.
  • The information is often enough to start online research that takes anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks.
  • When the scammer is identified and tracked down using unconventional research methods, the company immediately approaches them.
  • The negotiation phase focuses on pressuring the scammer to pay back. While it is often impossible to get all the money back, a significant portion is often returned.

Despite the popular belief that many scammers are technically educated hackers who disappear without a trace, the truth is that the majority is comprised of small-time fraudsters who do not know much about technology and use their surface-level knowledge of the internet and crypto applications to trick common folk into paying them.

They can be easily pressured by professionals from Claim Justice who do not waste time on pleasantries and immediately pressure scammers with deliberate threats of lawsuits and other legal action. This approach works more often than not.

How much will you pay Claim Justice?

The initial investigation often takes a lot of time and effort. The upfront payment is based on the evaluation of the complexity of the case. In some cases, you will have to pay a couple of hundred bucks if you have sufficient information and saved documents. When the case is more complex, you will need to pay more to get satisfying results.

In most scenarios, the payment is much lower than the amount of money recovered during the investigation.

Should you trust Claim Justice?

The company has a proven track record. It helped hundreds of households in the US and Canada to get their money back. With over $20 million recovered over the long history of this company, it is one of the most efficient money-recovering agencies in the industry.

Many positive testimonials indicate that the company has a positive reputation and often helps people receive the money that they considered lost forever.


If you lost money to a scammer who introduced themselves as a crypto specialist, a representative of a company, or a counselor giving away financial advice, Claim Justice will be able to help you. The company focuses on recovering fiat money and cryptocurrencies lost to fraudulent activities. Claim Justice scam recovery agency has a good reputation and a proven track record of completed cases!

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