Can I Insure a Car Without a Drivers License?

If you don’t have a drivers license, it might be a good idea to have someone else drive the vehicle. This way, you won’t be responsible for any car accidents or high insurance rates. Many insurers do not insure vehicles without driver’s licenses. To find insurance without license, you should list a primary driver who is a licensed driver. You should be able to get insurance without a driver’s license if you can do that.

When it comes to auto insurance, it’s important to remember that a revoked license is a risky driver. If you’re caught driving without a license, you’ll face fines, penalties, and even jail time. Plus, you’ll likely end up paying more for insurance than you thought. If you’re in this situation, you should check with your insurer before making a final decision.

Although you can still register a vehicle without a license, you can’t legally drive it. To do this, you’ll have to name a licensed driver as the primary driver. This way, insurers will be more likely to give you a quote. Even so, most national insurers won’t give you an unlicensed driver an insurance quote. In the event that you’re driving without a driver’s license, you’ll still have to get the necessary paperwork and list yourself as an excluded driver on the owner’s policy.

While you may not be able to get full coverage car insurance, it’s not impossible to find coverage for your vehicle. You can even get classic car insurance if you have a valid driver’s license. While it’s illegal to drive without a license, it’s worth getting car insurance in order to be protected. Once you have an insurance policy, make sure you’re legally covered while waiting for your driver’s license.

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