Busting Myths around Canned Food

Most people enjoy canned & jarred food with guilt. This is mostly because of all the myths that are associated with them. They are labelled unhealthy and not suitable for regular consumption. However, we would like to bust these myths and tell you that it is absolutely alright to relish a can of your favourite soup or other comfort foods without feeling guilty about it. Here are some of the most popular myths and their reality.

1. Canned Food Lacks Nutrition

Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of flavor and nutrition when they are picked during their respective seasons. As the season goes by, the nutritional content isn’t at its best. However, foods are canned during the seasonal best of each and all the nutrients are preserved as it is. Food is canned within a few hours of procuring the raw materials and it is safe to say that canned & jarred food contains all the nutrients they should essentially have. So, certainly, you can have canned foods in your grocery essentials.

2. Canned Foods are high in Sodium and Sugar

This isn’t necessarily true. Most of the canned foods have sodium and sugar levels that are permissible for human intake. There is also a range of jarred food that has low to zero sugar. If you are not convinced by this, you can always choose canned foods that have low sugar and sodium, as mentioned on their labels. Not only that, you can reduce the amount of sodium by rinsing and draining the canned veggies and fruits. There is evidence that states that this process can reduce up to 41% of sodium from your canned food, especially canned beans. You can easily buy canned food online, stock them up and use them as and when needed!

3. Canning Leads to Excess Waste

This is certainly a myth! Most food canning companies use steel cans for the process and these cans are 100% recyclable. Also, the food inside the can is also not causing any harm to the environment. The truth is there are more fresh fruits and veggies wasted than canned ones. In fact, canned food can be stored for up to 2 years and can be used when you like it. Another fact is that the raw peels and other waste materials from the food before canning goes to compost. So, there is no way that canning leads to excess waste. Add them to your grocery essentials and relish!

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4. Chefs Don’t Use Canned Food

Talk to a culinary professional and they will tell you how often they use canned & jarred food! A huge part of their grocery essentials, canned food finds its way into most of their recipes including canned tomatoes and chickpeas.

Preparing your meals with canned food is only going to save your time and money and they are the best alternatives to fresh and frozen variants. You can easily procure canned food online, and try out recipes that would make you drool. Canned food is reliable and has so much worth than you thought!

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