Artificial or human hair wig – which is best

There are two types of wig material – synthetic fiber and real human hair. Most people naturally think that a human hair wig is necessarily better than a synthetic wig, when in fact it is not so simple. The right choice depends on what you expect from your wig, how you are going to wear it, and how long you can take care of it.

Human hair wig

Most human hair wigs on the market are made from Asian hair. Most of it comes from China, although high quality Asian hair comes from women living in India or Pakistan. Asian hairs are dense, straight and usually very deep in nature. Obviously, these hairs are great for making straight black wigs, but to make a blonde curly wig, she has to go through many bleaching steps and other chemical treatments. As a result, the hair is damaged and a wig that looks great, when new, can fade in a few months.

The best quality hair for a European-looking wig comes from Eastern European countries such as Poland and Russia. This hair is more expensive than Asian hair, because so many women in these countries are not ready to sell their locks. Wigs made of European hair last longer and feel softer to the touch.

When buying a human hair wig, be sure to know where the hair comes from. If you are willing to spend several hundred dollars on a wig, it is best to find a wig made from European hair. If the wig label says “human hair wig” without revealing the origin of the hair, it is probably made from Asian hair.

Synthetic vs. human hair wig – cost issues

Even medium-sized human hair wigs will be more expensive than synthetic ones. It depends on the availability of content. Although synthetic fibers can be produced as needed, women’s long hair is of good quality, in limited supply. The best quality human hair from Eastern Europe is very rare.

The best quality synthetic wigs usually cost one or two hundred dollars. The cost of a human hair wig is very high عام usually over سو 500 in length. However, you can get both types of wigs at discounted prices from online stores that specialize in discounted wigs. Discount wigs are not inferior in quality at all – they are not just the latest models. If price is an issue, then it is always better to buy a good quality synthetic wig than a normal human hair wig.

Wigs for black women

At Best Wig Outlet, we also offer fashionable African American wigs, hairpieces, and beautiful hair extensions. You can find long or short dark hair and even more color options, boobs or bangs for a stylish new look, lace front wig, and synthetic or human hair wig. Our wigs for black women offer many options, so you can get the shape you want with comfortable attachments, and hair that looks and feels natural.

If you are still unsure which wig to choose, however, our advice is to choose a high quality human hair wig from a wig shop if you want to make it your new style and wear it every day. ۔ Real hair wigs are definitely a better option for those who need a wig due to hair loss. On the other hand, choose a synthetic wig, if you want to have fun with your shape and change your image in a short time.

Blonde and Brown Wigs

Because of the benefits it offers and because it is as easy to manage as your own hair, it is possible to find such a unit. There are also naturally colored blonde wigs, then there should be a variety of blonde wigs on the market, however many people still think about the availability of full blonde lace wigs. If these units are available in shades of black, brown wig, red and other tones, then obviously they are also available in shades of gold and tones that can be purchased from the stock list or by custom order. ۔ The blonde hair system on the right person can change their overall appearance.

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