Advantages that come with purchasing a jigsaw

Despite most saws only being available in the carpentry sector, their demand in the metalwork sector has gradually increased over the years. Jigsaw has come to fill a part of the great demand. It can make cuttings on wood, metal, and other materials such as plastics.

This article discusses the benefits that come with buying a jigsaw

A jigsaw has added advantages dues to its very sharp blade that makes smooth cuts and its ability to make curves and intricating cuts. These advantages include;

  • Being kid-friendly

some kids grow interested in operating machines such as saws as they see adults operating. Knowing the dangers held by these machines parents, and guardians tend to restrict their kids from coming across them. This kills their desire slowly. Jigsaw is among the machines that have come to break this cycle.

With adult supervision, children can handle a jigsaw machine with confidence. The tool remains stationary on the surface of the material to be cut. Hands and fingers are kept free from the blade since the handle and the blade have a safe distance.

  • They can make bevel cuts

Some material designs demand angled cuts rather than an up-to-down cut. This can only be achieved if one has the saw to make such cuts. Jigsaw is mainly set to be angled to 45 degrees to make bevel cuts. This is made possible by placing a lever slightly above the saw shoe where it slides back and on.

When released the saw tilts to one side then the lever is pulled hind to bolt it in position.

  • Favorable price

Prices of a commodity help one to determine whether to purchase it or not. Quality and expected durability help one to weigh whether the price is worth it. A quality Jigsaw price in Kenya is favorable making it worth purchasing. This has enabled it to be more available at the places of application

  • Ability to cut a variety of materials

A jigsaw possesses a sharp blade where the sharpness is measured in TPI(Thread per Inch). The higher the Thread per Inch, the smoother the cuttings made by the jigsaw and vice versa. This makes it possible to make cuts on different materials at different densities and thicknesses. These cuttings are made accurately by placing the machine on the surface of the material. It also has its blade attached to the body by the spring-load clamp.

  • Easy to use

Efficiency while using a machine is needed. A jigsaw machine requires very less energy while working with it. It makes the cuttings by simply placing them on the surface of the material to cut. This gives the user a better experience with it.

  • Can cut curves

This is the advantage that gives a jigsaw its uniqueness. While other saws make straight cuts jigsaw has a special mechanism to make curved cuts.  This makes it compulsory to have one, especially in the woodwork sector.


Jigsaw is among the most required saws when curved cuttings are needed.

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