About Cuemath Learning App 

  • Cuemath learning app for children in Kindergarten through Class 10. It provides brain training, live online classes with coding and math tutors, math games, and other tools to help children develop problem-solving skills and raise their IQ.
  • Cuemath covers all aspects of mathematics, such as concepts, aptitude, and reasoning. This teaching method should be facilitated by the teacher. The goal is to establish a solid foundation of math skills that include but are not limited to, arithmetic operations.
  • Another area where everyone believes that Cuemath outperforms others is that the children get so much practice here (due to the numerous worksheets provided by Cuemath) that there is not even a 1% chance of open space left for them. We must remember that ‘practice makes perfect,’ which is the first and most important formula for mastering this subject. Cuemath is the platform that makes this possible.
  • The Cuemath program is structured in such a way that every aspect of learning is addressed. As humans, we are always satisfied when we can find everything under one roof. If you need a strong math foundation with conceptual learning, choosing cuemath will never leave you disappointed.

Why Should Parents Believe Cuemath Learning App?

Cuemath students learn concepts through live classes, interactive whiteboards,  worksheets, and adaptive learning methods, all with the assistance of a teacher who is always available to your child whenever required. The teacher-student interaction is one-on-one to ensure that each student receives the assistance they require at the time they require it.

Also, there are numerous math programs available for children, but according to many parents’ experiences, Cuemath is the only one that keeps the children engrossed in activities other than just monotonous problem-solving.

What is the Cuemath Learning App Model?

Cuemath is a cue-based learning methodology. It is a learning system that is managed by teachers who provide one-on-one attention to students and is based on workbooks, aptitude, and reasoning questions. The cueing method used by our teachers is the most significant difference between Cuemath and other math learning apps. This is a method of guiding students through mathematics using visuals and prompts, which helps students develop critical thinking skills.

How Does the Cuemath Learning App Help a Child Who Hates Math?

Many factors can contribute to a child’s dislike of math. For example, a child’s fundamentals may be weak, or the child has become disinterested in math due to the way it is taught at school or in tuition centers.

They aim to provide a solid math foundation and assist students in learning conceptually rather than memorization.

Students are taught to ask why questions rather than what questions.

How Does the Cuemath Learning App Help a Child Who is Already Good at Math?

If a child performs well on school exams, they are considered to be good at math. However, it is not a reliable predictor of a child’s math ability. Many students get 95 percent to 100 percent on their exams but do not understand key math concepts. It is important to note that a poor math foundation manifests itself in higher grades when a child struggles to deal with increasing complexity.

Cuemath program focuses on advanced concepts for students who are already strong in fundamentals (with increasing difficulty level, Olympiad preparation, and more competitive quizzes, etc). Furthermore, children who excel at math may lose interest in the subject because their schools do not provide enough challenges to keep them interested. 

What is a Right Angled Triangle?

A right-angled triangle is a triangle in which one of the three angles measures 90 degrees. The sum of the other two angles of a right angle is 90 degrees. The sides that include the right angle are perpendicular and form the base of the triangle. The third side is known as the hypotenuse, and it is the longest of the three sides.

The three sides of the right-angled triangle are connected. Pythagoras’ theorem explains this relationship. A right triangle is a three-sided closed shape with one perpendicular side known as the triangle’s leg or height.

Cuemath is a learning app that is designed to keep students challenged with tab-based activities and puzzle cards, among other things.

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