8 Tips on Maintaining an Audi Car

Proper automobile maintenance entails visiting a car wash regularly, inspecting its appearance and interior, and maintaining the internal equipment, particularly if you own an Audi, which requires extra maintenance to maintain a smooth ride.

In this blog, we’ll go over eight Tips for Maintaining an Audi Car to ensure that your car runs smoothly for a longer period.

Northside Autohaus is one of the most excellent professionals that understand how to care for expensive vehicles like Audi. If you find it impossible to perform the maintenance yourself, bring your car to Northside Autohaus and have it examined by a specialist.

Lights and signals

Inspect the crucial function of the engine lights and indications in the automobile thoroughly. An appropriate inspection can help you evaluate the work required in all areas of your Audi car.

A check train light on your Audi car indicates that your car’s computer detects a problem. These lights will blink if the car’s computer suspects something is wrong with the vehicle’s emission control systems. Keep an eye out for such indicators to avoid significant damage or accidents.

Oil change

Your car oil is essential to keep your vehicle’s critical gears operating. So, you must be aware of your vehicle’s oil condition. Check the Audi oil change needs using the dipstick to determine whether the oil level is correct and if the car needs to be filled. All Audi models have oil grade recommendations, so use the appropriate type.

Use the appropriate oil type for your car engine. The different engine types require additional oil for their efficient operation, just as it is advisable to use synthetic oil for turbocharged autos.

Your automobile might go up to a thousand miles between scheduled oil changes, so keep track of its upkeep at Northside Autohaus.


Every three months or 3,000 miles, inspect your Audi car battery. You can keep the battery capacity robust by doing frequent checkups.

Even if you don’t ride frequently, take your car out for a brief drive once a week to recharge it instead of wasting the battery power in the garage.

Although an Audi battery replacement is not expensive, it is preferable to be cautious.

So, check the worn-out battery power by dimming the interior lights or increasing the intensity of the headlights. When the battery is low, the light intensity decreases and increases as the car accelerates.


Check for indications and signs of faulty brake action, and inspect them every six months. Changing humming noises with various vehicle speeds signals wheel-bearing issues that may require fixing.

As a result, you must ensure its effective operation. Check for the need to change the brake fluids since it is usually suggested to do so every 2-3 years or after 30000 km.

The brake pad warning light in your Audi indicates that you need to repair your rotors or front brakes. Also, when cleaning your automobile, avoid applying constant force to the brake disc since this can cause corrosion and further damage.


Examine for overall flaws or tire pressure difficulties since they provide a smoother ride and enhance efficiency. Monitor for worn-out tires because they might cause sluggish operation and harmful repercussions on the road.

Tire maintenance should be performed at least once or twice a month. Tire inspections are available at Northside Autohaus.

Your Audi car will inform you of a pressure drop with a display indicator on the onboard monitor and symptoms of higher fuel usage. Inadequate tire air pressure will even result in more significant petrol usage.

Exhaust system

When you can accept under-car inspections, look for corroded exhaust pieces that need to be replaced and tighten any loose clamps. Do this while the automobile is on the ramps. If a retailer changes its oil, request that these inspections be performed.

While driving, pay attention to variations in exhaust sounds. It is generally preferable to rebuild the complete exhaust system once rather than fixing individual components. Northside Autohaus’s professionals can examine the exhaust system.

Keep it clean

Having an Audi is a pride, but isn’t it challenging to do when it’s caked with dirt? Keeping your Audi spotless can enable it to appear its most refined. However, it also helps to preserve your paintwork. The outside of your car is protected by regular washing and waxing.

Furthermore, it can assist you in detecting any future problems with your vehicle. While washing your automobile, you may notice a bit of rust, which may help you get the problem corrected before it worsens.

Repair damage immediately

Lastly, if your Audi is damaged, don’t ignore it. Get it repaired right away to Northside Autohaus. It not only maintains your automobile is looking good, but it also protects other parts of your car.

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